These Kpop idols will show you how to reduce summer heat in the best ways

NA, 10-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Hot summer is no longer a nightmare if you follow these "tips" below suggested by Kpop idols.

Summer is always a terrible obsession for those who can not stand the heat. However, there are ways to reduce the summer heat that you need to know. More specifically, these tips are also suggested by Kpop idol and it will make you feel more relax. What's better than enjoying the summer and having "cheap moments" with oppas?


Park Jihoon eating watermelon must be the most adorable moments on earth

V enjoy eating watermelon and he even looks handsome with seeds on his face 


Chenle's expression when he eating lemon is so funny 

Heechul, Baekhyun and Chen also reduce summer heat with... a lot of lemons 

Ice cream

Ice cream is the best choice ever to reduce summer heat 

"Cheap moments" with your bias are no longer struggling you anymore 


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