These K-Pop idols incredibly bears strong resemblance to historical figures in the past!

Thanhng, 13-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) – Check out photos when people from the past, who look exactly like Korean celebrities nowadays.

Su Ho (EXO) and prince Yi Wu have many similarities, from their appearances, to their family background. Prince Yi Wu - the last Prince of Korea was a smart person, and really good at Japanese.

Additionally, Su Ho looks like a member from the basketball team of former President Obama when the president was young.

Sulli (F(x)’s former member) is as beautiful as Lee Nan Hyang, a famous Gisaeng in the late Joseon. At that time, Lee Nan Hyang was considered one of the three most beautiful Gisaengs in Korea. Gisaengs are people who entertain guests with their singing, dancing and other talents.

Eun Hyuk (Super Junior), with his small, long eyes and small face, resembles Matsudaira Katamori – the 9th warlord living in the Edo period in Japan and died in 1893.

Yun Ho (DBSK) is like Megata Tanetaro, one of the Tokyo University of the Arts of Japan. They have similarities in facial features, facial expressions and jaw lines.

Eric Mun (Shinhwa) is said to resemble Min Yeong Ik - grandson of Empress Myeongseong. She was the official wife of King Gaozong.

Doo Joon (Highlight) looks like the doppelganger of an empress from the Qing Dynasty

Yoon Ah (SNSD) looks exactly like the famous Hong Kong actress Nora Miao (in 70s), known as Bruce Lee's lover.

Se Hun (EXO) surprisingly resembles Saint Stenphen.

Can you find the difference between Kang Ho Dong and Emperor Jiajing of the Ming dynasty

Simon Dominic, a hip hop artist who looks similar to Kim Won Bong, a Korean politician.

And Eun Ji Won (Sechs Kies) resembles Morikazu Numa, a politician and journalist in the Meiji Restoration of Japan.

Gary's outfit and appearance are inadvertently the same as a character from the past.

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