These K-Pop idols don't hesitate to spend a large amout of money on their outfits!

LinhLuong, 14-06-2018
K-pop stars despite busy schedules and hard training period, they still earn quite a huge amount of money from their work, so that they don't hesitate to spend nearly 13207 USD on a jacket .

13. Ji Soo - Miu Miu Skirt ($ 1,975)

Ji Soo is the one to wear the most expensive design among Black Pink members. Set Miu Miu's dress worth about 1.975 USD

12. Nana - Saint Laurent Skirt ( $ 2,099)

 Nana's dress belongs to Saint Laurent collection, called Gold Guns Jacquard Dress. Although this dress is quite simple but it costs up to 2.009 USD

11. V (BTS) - Gucci vest ($ 2.200)

V spent more than 2.200 USD to own a simple Gucci vest.

10. Jennie - Saint Laurent vest ( $ 3,290)

We all know that Jennie is big fan of this luxury brand, she invested nearly 3,290 USD for a simple black suit.

9. Soyou - Blumarine Skirt ( $ 3,322)

Blumarine is a high-end fashion brand with feminine designs, which is loved by many Korean stars. Soyou used to wear a lace skirt with the fabric of the company called Techno Lurex Brocade and Lace Dress, cost 3,322 USD.

8. Tiffany - Miu Miu Skirt ($ 3,500)

The Miu Miu Metallic Brocade Dress, a shining silver fabric and a waist-high waistcoat, is one of the most expensive dresses ever. This dress cost nearly 3,500 USD.

7. Nam Tae Hyun - Vetements Jacket ( $ 3,981)

Vetements are famous for their coats. Therefore, Nam Tae Hyun spent without hesitating 3,981 USD to own the oversized jacket.

6. Ravi (VIXX) - Gucci vest ($ 6,250)

Ravi's black-and-blue jacket has an incredible price about 6,250 USD

5. Momo - Philipp Plein Jacket ( $ 6.658)

More than $ 6,658 is the amount Momo spent wearing only a one time dress.

4. Mark (NCT) - Philipp Plein Jacket ( $ 7.177)

Mark owns many brand costumes, including this leather jackets of Philipp Plein, priced over 7,177 USD

3. BamBam (Got7) - Saint Laurent Jacket ( $ 9.990)

The leather coats of Saint Laurent is not only hard to wear but also very expensive,  cost up to 9,990 USD.

2. Jinhwan (iKON) - Saint Laurent Jacket (11.900 USD)

Jinhwan would have made many people surprise if they know this jacket's worth up to $ 11,900 

1. CL - Versace (37,094 USD)

With this versace fur coat of about 37,094 USD, CL deserves to be called Kpop most glamorous Queen.


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