These idols turn airport into a catwalk stage with all fashion styles

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 20-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Surprisingly, these idols can fit all fashion styles that no one dares to perform at the airport.

Airport is an ideal place for idols to wear their favorite clothes and choose suitable fashion style without constraints of stylist. Therefore, fans also enjoy idol's fashion style at the airport than on stage. These are idols that can fit any style from young to unique style.

T.O.P (Big Bang)

T.O.P's fashion style can never fail the fans' expectations with real professional mixing.

T.O.P is so cool on stage but he is a big fan of pink. Therefore, don't be surprised when T.O.P wears these pink outfits at the airport.

Just using colors as a highlight for jacket, T.O.P is so outstanding at the airport.

But he chooses colorful clothes just to change a little bit, perhaps, T.O.P still fits simple and elegant clothes.

He is like a real director.


IU always chooses young, dynamic and comfortable style. With a small body and baby face, IU really fits this style.

Innocent style with feminine outfits and flat shoes for convenience. If you are wondering what to wear today, let IU suggest to you.

Sometimes, changing a bit for adult appearance.

Whatever style, IU is still very trendy.

Lee Hong Ki (FT Island)

Talking about the most unique fashion style of Kpop, we have to mention Hongki. He brings to the airport these strange and unique costumes.

Unique clothes that only this special guy dare to wear.

When he goes back to simple fashion style, combination of white and black make a very unusual Hongki.

Or more unique with denim jacket.

And "juvenile" fashion style with small accessory which is ... a gun.


Unlike the costumes on stage, HyunA's airport fashion is quite feminine and gentle.

No one thought this is the sexy queen HyunA on stage.

HyunA's style is extremely feminine. Hiding pants style is always favoured at the airport to show her long legs.

She doesn't need high heels but still looks really sexy.

Key (SHINee)

Key is a fashion icon. In terms of fashion style, Key's style is unique and attractive.

His talent is to turn the airport into his own catwalk. Even this orange jacket must be overpowered.

This style is so neat but still very unique.

He mixes colors together with accessories to create his own style.

He is so cute as a bear with a big fur coat.

Kang Daniel (Wanna One)

In terms of fashion, Kang Daniel chooses light colors and casual outfits whenever he goes to the airport.

Friendly fashion as a young boy.

Or sometimes he is very elegant with suit and leather shoes.

This hoodie is simple and easy to wear but with Kang Daniel, it becomes incredible.

Sometimes he is also outstading with pink. Round eyeglass is also an essential item.

Jin (BTS)

Jin also has a lot of changes in his fashion style. Being the eldest member of BTS, there are times when Jin is also mature with a neat shirt and smooth pants.

Winter is the season of simple but noble long coat.

Being the most mature person of group, but Jin really likes pink.

And sometimes, his fashion style is very unique. Although clothes are just jeans and T-shirt, putting neck pillow on head also is very attractive.

And the guy wearing Hanbok at the airport appeared on many news pages with irresistible handsome appearance. Whatever style, it can't beat "Worldwide handsome".



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