These idols prove GPS or nevigation won't be any help since their direction sense has... broken, they got lost too often!

Nhi Bui, 30-04-2018
(KPOPLINE) - But right in that neglectful moment of idols, fans still them so cute and need full protection.

Whenever appearing in public places like the airport, on the way to work or joining the reality show, idols are "sticking" together, going in a group. They do not need to worry because there are staffs and managers around to protect them. We wonder whether that makes these idols suddenly lose the ability to "survive". Therefore, when they leave their teammates or manager, they can't see the direction and get "lost" like these cases:

Woozi (Seventeen)

Woozi is famous for his baby appearance but his personality is extremely matured. Seventeen members also admit they are afraid of Woozi, it's enough to prove his "power" is not a little.

However, a matured Woozi is so confused, just stayed still and kept silent when being lost in Japan. He admitted that his head was so dizzy and could not think that he had to ask for help. 

 "Baby" Woozi was so confused when being left at bus station in Japan.

Jinwoo (Winner)

As the eldest member, Jinwoo is so naiive and pure like his appearance. If someone do not know about Winner, they will think he is the maknae, but if they do, they will bring him home and protect him carefully.

Jinwoo used to be lost in Tokyo and that was a proof we could not leave him alone in public places. He found it difficult seeking the way out of the hotel, it took him 3.5 hours to get to Tokyo tower even these two places was really close. 

Jinwoo is "struggling" in 3 hours to walk on a road that basically only takes 10 minute to finish. What a pity!

Hani (EXID) 

Mentioning "4D" idols make people laugh but still worry about, we all need to mention "fancam goddess" Hani who possesses a perfect body and pretty face, however, off the stage, she's quite absent-minded.

Different from other idols being lost in far and large area, Hani has just been out from the rest-room and lost inside the building while the manager was on the left side waiting for her, she kept seeking for him on the right. When fans reminded her, she quickly ran to gather with her staff.

She can even lose her way from the bathroom to outside.

Baekhyun (EXO)

Baekhyun has been well-known for getting lost, particularly once he was lost in Barcelona! He was so cheerful to eat ice-cream, went around for shopping, then he could not see his manager and other members anymore.

Baekhyun called his friend Chanyeol for help then he stayed still and waited. Looking at his frightened face, fans can't help laughing. 

Baekhyun is calling Chanyeol for help.  

Chanyeol quickly finds out that he is sitting on the suitcase at the airport with his shopping stuff. 

Then, Chanyeol took him back to the hotel.

Jungkook & V (BTS)

Jungkook and V is a special case, they got lost from both manager and their teammates when they went first for a while and left these two guys at the airport.

Finding themselves lost, Jungkook and V after a brief look then decided to... follow the way that most people were going. While Jungkook was confused not knowing what to do, V quickly took out the phone to contact the staff to find their "teammates".

The whole scene of VKook being lost.

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