These "Clumsy Kings" of K-pop world that leave fans speechless!

Nguyễn Phương Hoa, 05-12-2017
(KPOPLINE) - K-Pop fans are always feeling "embarassed" with these idols because of their destructive hands!


There're more than several times that BTS members have to complaint about their leader's clumsiness. They can't understand why everything in his reach is broken. Perhaps, it is because of his "giant" body and height, which makes him harder to control his moves. Even the door itself "suddenly" broken, watch the video below:

(Poor lovely Taehyung!)

(He's not even trying to break it, still...)

(... So he had to stick some tapes on the glasses' frame)

DongHae (Super Junior)

Of course he is not randomly listed in this article. Dong Hae is well known for his handsome look and truthful characteristic, but actually, he is also the biggest "terminator" in Super Junior. Any electronic devices lying in his hands are broken. That's why E.L.Fs decided to buy him two iPads so that he will have another one to use if he breaks the first one.

(At one point, DongHae could break both of the fans' lightsticks)

Bomi (Apink)

Now onto the Queen List. One of the biggest representatives is Bomi (Apink). She once broke her medal in the Idol  Star Athletics Championship. Moreover, she also broke her micro and damaged Weekly Idol's devices, etc.


Winning a music program's cup is every K-pop artist dream, but someone seems to get too excited for achieving it. Dara broke the cup right after 2NE1 got it on Music Bank. This is how she showed her regret and sorry for her clumsiness.

Taemin (SHINee)

Taemin also admits he can't understand why he can break so many things. Kai (EXO), Yunho (TVXQ) and Taemin himself are famous among SM artists for their "Magic Hands", which can destroy almost everything.

(Taemin and Kai are partners in the process of destroying everything)

Taeyeon (SNSD)

Being known as a reliable leader, however, Taeyeon still can't fix her clumsiness.

(She dropped the micro on the stage while performing really hard)

She also accidentally threw a ball to a fan's face, which caused a lot of laughters and also surprises.



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