These "baby-face" male idols actually own absolutely sexy bodies that could drive any fangirls crazy

KawaiiB, 01-06-2018
Can you guess who they are?

There are a lot of people who think that only male idol who has a slightly cold and masculine face possess a hot body. However, the list below will make you think twice about this:

Jungkook - BTS

Jungkook's real name is Jeon Jungkook, born on September 1, 1997, and the youngest member of BTS. Possessing a babyface, no one thought that this 21-year-old man has a sexy body that would drive fangirls crazy

This cute face ...

... and this body belongs to the same person.

Recent Fake Love’s debut stage at BBMAs 2018.

Jimin - BTS

Followed by another member of BTS: Jimin – “the dancing machine”. Normally he will show off his cuteness thanks to his baby face. However, when performing, this guy wows fans with cold face and 6 packs body.

Off stage

On satage

Park Woojin - Wanna One

Woojin was a contestant in Produce 101 and won a spot to debut in Wanna One. The boy from Brand New Music owns a cute face and nerdy hair, which are considered his signature. Because fans have been so familiar with this image, fans are definitely shocked to see Woojin's steaming hot abs.


... that is not related to his body

Xiumin - EXO

Xiumin's real name is Kim Minseok, born on March 26, 1990. Possessing a "no age" face with flawless white skin, Xiumin in the eyes of the fan is the cutest boy in EXO. However, like many other members of the group, such as Kai or Sehun, he has a very sexy body.


Another aspect of Xiumi:


Bobby - IKON

Kim Jiwon is known by his stage name Bobby, one of the two rappers of IKON. Bobby has an infectious smile with cute "rabbit teeth", which make it hard for many fans to think he's 26. With this face, no one would think that he owns such masculine body

"Rabbit teeth" is an outstanding feature of Bobby.

When he lifts his shirt …..


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