These "awkward" photos of Korean female stars will show you how much women have to suffer these days!

Thanhng, 06-02-2018
Sometimes, Asia's "beauties" make fans shocked with their "less attractive" moments in the past. And to be honest, these are the shared pains of every girl in the world!

Reason why women are afraid of being fat

There was a time when Song Hye Kyo looked not too pretty. Looking at the photo on the left, many fans wondered if it was their favourite star Song Hye Kyo or not?

When you don't get along with makeup artist

Who is she?

Many people shocked with this photo and don't know if it was Sulli or not

Female stars' opposite images when they are at home and go to events

As a funny woman, Lee Hyori is not afraid of showing her bare face on TV

Consequences of insufficient sleep

Being praised with perfect look and body, Krystal once received negative comments about her look. Fans gave feedback that she looked like a man with this photo. 

When you go out with no makeup face

"New generation goddess" just looks like a normal girl with her bare face

The importance of choosing the shooting angle

Jeon Ji Hyun had time when she gained a lot of weight




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