These are the most aesthetic K-Pop moments of 2018 so far

Hoang Anh Phuong, 30-05-2018
As we're approaching the half-way point of 2018 here are some of the year's most aesthetic moments of K-Pop so far.

K-Pop visuals are getting more and more beautiful as the budget and extravagance continues to increase as the genre hits the mainstream all over the world. 2018 has been an absolute whirlwind of aesthetic music videos, outfits, makeup, and stages. K-Pop is truly establishing serious credit as an art. 

1. SObeR MV

Suzy's MV for "SObeR" was a bonafide aesthetic masterpiece. The vibrant colors are perfect for the season and the MV sports numerous unique styles of fashion. Netizens especially commented on how they adored Suzy's bright and colorful red shorts. Suzy's interesting choreography works really on par to create a wonderfully intoxicating MV.

2. Olivia Hye's Staredown

Olivia Hye's MV for "Egoist" ft. Jin Soul absolutely shot daggers through our hearts. In particular, the scene where Olivia turns around to shoot us a direct look with her hair flowing in the wind is one of the most captivating shots in all of K-Pop this year. Love Myself Today!

3. Sua at Dream Concert

At the' 2018 Dream Concert', a fan managed a gorgeous shot of Dream Catcher's SuA. With what appears to be snow falling, her gorgeous and interesting "hole-y" fashion makes her stand out as an edgy and mysterious part of the group in this particular performance. SuA's visuals are other-worldly and beautiful!

4. Joshua in the Rain

At a Seventeen performance this year, the group persisted despite rainy weather. Luckily, for Joshua, this wasn't a problem at all. In fact, when fans started taking photos, they noticed he looked incredible. In the shot above, the fan even managed to capture the light as if he was holding a flower! Something about the weather, we suppose!

5. Fake Love MV

Of course, who could forget- the recent release of BTS "Fake Love" MV was earth-shattering. However, it's all for a good reason! In fact, the video is so well-made, that we think it might be on its way to winning a Video Music Award! From the outfits to the sets to the choreography, BTS blows it out of the water again.

6. Bad Boy

Not only does the MV for Red Velvet's "Bad Boy" serve as one of the most entertaining MVs of this year, it also is one of the most aesthetic! We love the color and style that the girls were styled in. Many of their stage performances also gave way to tons of stunning fashion and trendy clothing risks.

7. Hands all over Hongbin

For VIXX's comeback, their teasers featured some cool and sleek visuals. VIXX's aesthetics are a bit more refined and have an intense attention to detail. Hongbin's teaser, in particular, is extremely interesting with what we presume are the rest of the group's hands all over his face. Hongbin is serving serious looks in this shot.

8. PRISTIN V Individual Teasers

PRISTIN V released mysterious teasers for each individual of the group. All five have intriguing and visually-pleasing aspects, but our favorite was Eunwoo! Her girly, yet sporty look and well-edited video really caught out attention. Which one of the PRISTIN V teasers was your favorite?

9. Fendiman Jackson

When high fashion meets K-Pop, there's bound to be art created! In fact, Jackson's "Fendiman" is an awesome example of the intriguing and beautiful project that can come out of a powerhouse collaboration of this level. We have to say, Jackson looks absolutely perfect in all the outfits Fendi chose to style him in and the editing amps up the drama of the video.

Source: All Kpop


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