These are the best 'boyfriend' candidates for your summer vacation, who's ready to go?

NA, 18-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - If you are invited on a summer vacation with popular Kpop male idols, would you cancel all your schedule and join them?

These male idols below bring a strong summer vibe that you want to invited them on a vacation to the beach this summer with them. Due to their energetic look and personality, they'll be your best travel buddy ever to enjoy the summer.

1. EXO 

Which EXO's members do you want to have a vacation with? Fans said that they want to be invited by Kai and Sehun. Let's see why they vote for these two handsome boys:

Kai has a very charming tanned skin that looks even better on the sun

Taking pictures of him 

Kai is well known by his tanned skin and charming appearance. He also is known for his powerful and skillful movements in dancing. If you're lucky enough to be invited on a vacation with Kai, it's going to be an great trip because he's such an awesome travel buddy

Kai is going to be a great travel buddy who you've been looking for 

Fans also want to be invited on a vacation with Sehun and maybe they'll enjoy a trip with tons of beautiful pictures 

2. NCT

Which NCT's member do you want to have a summer vacation with? And why do you choose them?



3. Wanna One  

Kang Daniel and Ong Seongwoo are two members who fans want to go to the beach with. If you go with Kang Daniel, you can see him surfing and playing beach volleyball. Due to his masculine and nice body proportion, beach sport activities seem to suit him very much.

Water volleyball and beach activities are for Kang Daniel.

Another Wanna One member that fans want to go to the beach with is Ong Seong Woo. Due to his great sense of humor, your summer vacation with him will fill with joy and laughter.


4. BTS

The summer is coming and we're still looking for a travel buddy to take a flight heading to the beach with. How about BTS' members? Let's see who are selected by fans:

Jimin is the first member who was selected by fans. They said that it's very his bright and positive personality that make them want to have a summer vacation with

Jimin always has fun and is positive. That's the reason fans want to go on a vacation with him

V is also the member by who fans want to be invited on a summer vacation

And also Jungkook. It seems like beach activities suit him as well

5. GOT7

GOT7 was known for their playful and energetic image. And they are also ideal travel buddy who fans really want to have a vacation with.

Jin Young looks like a boyfriend sitting on the beach, checking his phone and waiting for his girlfriend

Bambam enjoy flying a kite

JB seems to be very happy

JB is still handsomew while walking on the sun



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