These are all struggles Red Velvet has been through to achieve their popularity nowadays

NA, 21-05-2018
SM Ent is showing their huge favorite to Red Velvet and Kpop community see it crystal clear. They continuously made their comeback since 2017. However, people may have no idea about how they got here.

Struggled launch

July 2014 is an unforgettable time for f(x). Sulli's dating scandal and the rumour that she leaves her group has overwhelmed the group and her agency, SM Entertainment has not yet made a satisfactory statement for all of these trouble.

Sulli - SM Ent's trouble maker

So why do we mention f(x) here? It's just because at this sensitive period, SM announced the launch of the company's newest girl group - Red Velvet!

Immediately, this girlgroup suffered many criticisms from KPOP fans. People said that Red Velvet was used to draw attention away from f(x)'s scandal. And indeed, Red Velvet did it very well.

Kpop fan community has been focusing on the 4 girls who have not yet debuted. They were called "f(x) saboteurs" because after Red Velvet was introduced, SM immediately announced Sulli's inactivity, canceling the full schedule of Red Light promotion. 

4 members: Joy, Seulgi, Irene and Wendy of Red Velvet

Not only receiving the cricitisms, the public commented that SM rush to promote Red Velvet that their products are not that quality. 

In the past, the groups from SM were well prepared before their debut. For example, EXO's has countless teaser of each members, and article.

MV MAMA – Màn ra mắt đình đám của EXO vào năm 2012

What about Red Velvet? Within just a week from July 27th to August 4th, there are only album teaser was released continuously. What is next? Nothing! Red Velvet debuted with MV Happiness, which was filmed in a studio (SM ultimate syle)

"Happiness" impressed fans and people with its different instrumental. However, the MV received many criticism. It deals with such grim political issues as the Hiroshima atomic bombing or 11/9.

MV Happiness

Due to the strong criticism from the audience, SM quickly removed the old MV and replaced it with another one. This lack of enthusiasm make fans believe that Red Velvet was a group created by SM in a hasty way to draw public attention away from the company's troubles.

The controversial debut, coupled with superficial promotions, made fans consider Red Velvet "SM's first failed band".

Red Velvet is going to be huge!

In March 2015, SM announced that Yeri would be the fifth member of Red Velvet. Before that, Yeri appeared briefly in Happiness MV along with some other SMRookies members.

Adding members to a group that debuted less than half a year makes fans more convinced that SM does not seem to have a clear direction for their new newbie idol. Red Velvet's nickname "temporary girl group" has once again emerged.

Since her first debut with Red Velvet, Yeri has received a lot of cricitism from Red velvet's fans

The wave of Yeri-boycott is getting stronger. She and Red Velvet are under tremendous pressure and Kpop is still waiting for the group's comeback.

After the release of the song Ice Cream Cake on August 15, Red Velvet is really feeling up to snuff. The group won their first weekly music award on Music Bank on March 27, followed by all the trophies at the remaining music shows of the week.

The album reached # 1 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart and became the best selling girl group album of the first half of 2015.

MV Ice Cream Cake also became the most viewed KPOP video on Youtube in March 2015.

Ice Cream Cake - A turning point in Red Velvet's career

Success came to Red Velvet once again when they released their first full album "The Red".

Right after the release of the album, The Red has reached # 1 on Billboard's World Albums Chart and Gaon Album Chart. In addition, the album also featured in Billboard's Top 10 KPOP Albums of the Year 2015.

The song Dumb Dumb in "The Red" album

With the success of the two previous songs, Red Velvet decided to take a desperate step by releasing the album The Velvet and a ballad song One of These Nights in March 2016.

This is supposed not to be time for a ballad, especially in the past year, Red Velvet has made a mark in the hearts of the public with vibrant pop songs.

However, the song won several weekly music awards with a total of five trophies. One of These Nights also received much praise from the experts for the quality of the song.

One of The Nights showed Red Velvet's vocal ability

Two albums The Red and The Velvet are SM's assertions about the musical direction of Red Velvet - young and seductive.

Red Velvet has proven their ability step by step

Fans finally were able to breath a sigh of relief when they realized that SM was making a good investment in Red Velvet and the nickname "temporary girlgroup" was gone. Instead, Red Velvet was able to inherit SNSD and f (x) to became SM Ent's new gen girl group.

At the beginning of 2018, Red Velvet was completely transform with the mysterious and glamorous image with Bad Boy and also gained quite successful and very good response from the audience.

From a difficult start, Red Velvet has gradually proved their real ability. The group has surpassed other girlgroup companies, which a certain SM group has to do.

In addition to the above, do you recognize the Red Velvet success and what else?


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