These are 4 top entertainment shows that every KPOP fan hopes their idols will visit one day!

KawaiiB, 30-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Korean entertainment industry has hundreds of shows that are produced regularly every year, but none of them are well received and loved like these four:


Happy Together (KBS2)

This is a kind of talk show that is led by famous MCs and comedians, including the national MC Yoo Jae Suk, Park Myeong Su, Jun Hyun Moo ... The format of the show is talking, sharing stories about the guests’ daily lives and careers.

The attraction of this program is that it help viewers have a deeper insight into the guests through the story they tell. For idols, they are often invited to variety shows to play games and entertain, and less opportunity to talk about themselves. This helps "Happy Together" score big in KPOP fans’ heart.

Moreover, it is impossible not to mention the natural guide of the MC for the guests to tell their stories. Because idols are easily get caught on rumors/scandals, a program like "Happy Together" is always a program that helps fans to enjoy without any worry.

Weekly Idol (MBC)

Being the "familiar" playground for artists on their comeback, "Weekly Idol" is definitely one of the few shows that KPOP fans love. This is an entertainment program exclusively for idols, so it exploits and utilizes all of their professional abilities to have a compelling format that appeals to their audiences.

"Weekly Idol" is led by the dreamy duo Doni-Coni who posses "Random Play Dance" game which gives fans the opportunity to watch their idols’ funny choreography. In addition, there are many rooms for idols to show off their talents and humor.

In a nutshell, "Weekly Idol" is a program where idols are not only entertaining, promoting themselves and their music, but also helping idols to attract more fans. 

Running Man (SBS)

"Running Man" is probably familiar with not only KPOP fans but also international fans. This is a program that promotes action: running, jumping, chasing, swimming ..., and it is also a chance for fans to see idols expressing their "tricks" to win many games.

The program "Running Man" has an extremely large advantage that is the casts are very friendly and humorous. They treat the guests with care and delicacy, making idols - even the newbie.

Many fans wish that their idols would be invited to the show every time they comeback because this is the opportunity for their idols to get to know the seniors of the industry, get entertainment as well as add new fans to their fan bases.

Knowing Bros (JTBC)

Of the four programs, this is the youngest show and the only show to be broadcast on cable, not national stations. However, with its witty and relaxed format, the show has risen to be one of the highest rated shows on cable shows.

"Knowing Bros" features well known MCs like Kang Ho Dong, Kim Hee Chul (fixed member), Lee Soo Geun... The idols who come to the show always feel comfortable and fun.

When participating in the show, guests will be “new students, participating in games, sharing some of their stories, and promoting their new projects. With its light, cheerful atmosphere, "Knowing Bros" is gaining popularity among viewers in general and KPOP fans in particular.


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