These 11 actors and actresses impressed with their acting... and their handwritting too

Hoàng Anh Phương, 04-04-2018
Their handwriting will make you want to make fonts out of them.

Following the convenience of technology, the need to write gets lesser as days go by. With that, we have more of a reason to appreciate good handwritings and these actors and actresses sure have handwritings that one would fall in love with.
1. Park Bogum

2. Ryu Junyeol

3. Kim Soohyun

4. Kim Woobin

5. Son Yejin

6. Lee Jehoon

7. Kim Suna

8. Jang Donggeun

9. Hyunbin

10. Go Hyunjung

11. Jun Jihyun

Source: KStarLive 


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