The “suffering” expressions of Korean stars when eating lemons

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 01-04-2018
Tae Yeon, Chen, Woo Young, Jackson are all deeply suffering when eating lemons.

Tae Yeon is given a piece of lemon and she bravely eats the whole piece.

After only the first chew, she feels the sourness with suffering expressions when trying to swallow.

Woo Young (2PM) "burns" when eating lemon.

Jackson stretches his face and his eyebrows are upstanding when eating lemon.

Painful expressions of the male idol make fans laugh out loud.

Just put a slice of lemon into mouth, Mark can’t bear and his face is deformed.

Bam Bam is glum and can't close his mouth.

Chen is almost close-mouthed when trying the first piece.

He only knows to suffer the sourness when eating lemons.

Gayoon’s face is glum when eating lemons.

Ailee swallows a slice of lemon deliciously.

Sung Jae almost cries when he is forced to eat lemon.

Other members of BtoB are also miserable.

Hyun Ah eats lemon ...

...wiggles and hypnotizes herself that this isn’t sour but it doesn’t work.

Baro is shocked because this lemon pieces is too sour.

Hee Chul intends to be sexy but it is unsuccessful.



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