“The Show” to gift weekly winners with times square billboard advertisements

Hoang Anh Phuong, 12-06-2018
(G)I-DLE was featured on Times Square!

SBS MTV‘s The Show will now award their weekly winners with billboard advertisements in Times Square, New York!

“Last Friday! Congratulations to The Show Choice winners, (G)I-DLE, who appeared on New York Times Square! Do you want to gift your artists with The Show Choice and New York Times Square billboard? #TheShow Play~” — The Show

To celebrate the winners of the previous week, The Show featured (G)I-DLE on the Times Square billboard!

The ad ran for 24 hours from June 1st at 8am until June 2nd at 8am.

News reports state that The Show will be awarding their winners with the special billboard advertisements each week.

That means their latest winner SHINee will be featured all across Times Square this week!

 The Show continues to globalize their show to include foreign fans. Prior to the Times Square billboards, they created an app called StarPass, where fans from all over the world can also participate in live voting for the weekly winners!

The app features six different languages, Korean, Japanese, Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese, and English.

Congratulations to (G)I-DLE once again!

Source: Koreaboo

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