The second most expensive Korean blockbuster sweeps the ticket office debut week

LinhLuong, 26-12-2017
"Along with the Gods" has just hit the Korean ticket office, pushing "Steel Rain" to No. 2.

Korean tickest office revenue from 18/12 to 24/12

Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds: 26,5 triệu USD

Steel Rain: 11 triệu USD 

The Greatest Showman: 3 triệu USD

Star Wars: The Last Jedi: 2 triệu USD

Pocket Monsters the Movie: I Choose You!: 1,3 triệu USD

Monster Family: 1 triệu USD

Pororo, Dinosaur Island Adventure: 693 nghìn USD

Mary and The Witch’s Flower: 218 nghìn USD

Forgotten: 214 nghìn USD

The Star: 211 nghìn USD

The third week of December saw the battle between two of the three most anticipated blockbusters at the Korean ticket office, Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds and Steel Rain. Not to forecast, the first part of the $ 40 million, defeating "Steel Rain" to the throne with 3,536,357 spectators at 1,881 screens.

"Along with the Gods". The film features Do Kyung Soo.


With more than 1.2 million views on December 24th, "Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds" also made it to the list of rare Korean films that had more than 1 million viewers in a single day. With the "terrible" funding, this work must also attract a large number of new viewers can break even. In every part, "Along with the Gods", they have at least 7 million tickets to think about.

"Steel Rain"

Meanwhile, the movie of "Korea's most beautiful actor" Jung Woo Sung has also reached 3 million spectators after nearly 2 weeks of debut. Currently, Korean movie fans are eagerly awaiting the battle between the three hotbloods in December, Along with the Gods, Steel Rain and 1987. After the VIP premiere, 1987 received a lot of words. praise from journalists and critics. Along with the Gods and 1987, Ha Jung Woo even attends.





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