The reasons why Suho is always among the best leaders of Kpop world

Mai Nhung, 13-01-2018
(KPOPLINE) – As a warm and friendly leader, Suho excellently led EXO to seek great success as today

Taking the role of Idol group‘s leader has never been easy , not everyone can take this responsibility well. They have to bear biggest pressure and always have to take care of the other members even when they are tired. A leader will have to revive the group’s spirit and increases the solidarity between the members , if there's anything happening in group, leader is the first person to bear the consequences.

But Suho not only accomplished the leader position but also led EXO reaching out to the world. With a warm and gentle personality, Suho managed and took good care of the group’s members. This is the reason why Suho makes fans feel proud and grateful because he is EXO’s leader that not anyone else.

Always keep the polite image

Suho is EXO’s leader, he know that: leader's image also directly influences in group’s image. If he has any error, it rapidly become the regrettable scandals . So, Suho  always appear with a beautiful image in everyone’s eyes. Not only beautiful appearance but also he always keep the polite attitude in communication while meeting other people.

Suho always bowed 90 degrees when he received the award or greeted any other artist. Although he is Korea's top idol, Suho still can friendly talk to the other artists. Suho has never had any scandal about attitude while communicate with fans , even he has always respected “Seasang fans “ by his own way.

Always politely bowed 90 degrees when staying in the stage

This seems to be a Suho ‘s familiar act that makes the fans admired

Suho is really the best leader

Treating members of other groups as his own siblings

Johnny was very emotional and cried so much before Suho's concerns as his brother

Suho is a firm support in every member ‘s heart

Certainly, Suho is the first person that every member want to rely on when tired, who always considerate and caring for the members by his best. A peaceful, moderate guy always listen and encourage  the others when they are difficult. Having spent unsuccessful time together, Suho is still strong to motivate for the others. It was only the happy time when taking place the concert or receiving expected results after a difficult year, Suho just can cry a little because of their efforts in the past.

Leader Suho ‘s most honorable moment when sitting in uncomfortable position at the end of the show to give seats to remaining members

Push up the others in the middle so that they can speak

But no matter how strong , he also has to burst into tears with his group’s happiness

Suho is also EXO’s " spokesman ", Leader responded all of journalists’s interview questions . So, when he prepare to answer the hard questions, the brothers will follow him carefully.  

In an interview, Suho said, "Being a leader is not easy, sometimes the other members do not think what I am thinking. If I make a mistake, that would be EXO’s fault. So I always have to be careful about my act and words "

 “The exemplary leader” take care his innocent and naughty brothers

As the elder brother, Suho  has to resolve everything. Many moments he is accidentally fallen into the fan ‘s camera when helping the remaining members resolve their personal problems

Kai wants to find something to eat, but Suho asks him to wait for a short time.

When D.O. said: “ Hyung, I want to eat it” , Suho give his card to D.O without any words.

Running out to prevent the brothers when they are playing near to stage so that not be in danger by camera

Baekhyun wants to go to the toilet but still has to need the leader ‘s agree, "Can I go to the bathroom?"

Appeasing members who are crying during the group's concert.

Suho's gentle personality is also his weakness. Therefore the members know  his character , so they also teasing him. Suho is always teased by the members so that he said in "Knowing Brother" that : "Believe me! They tease Kyungsoo by the way they did to me, they will know my power, now . Maybe, I'm too gentle " . In general,  Suho is  EXO’s respectable leader.


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