The reason Suga (BTS) can write songs making people deeply sympathize

The Hien Luong, 09-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Fans called Suga as "Min Genius" producer for a reason!

Suga has never hidden the fact that he has suffered from depression, compulsive disorder and social phobia during his childhood. Suga really wanted to do music, but his situation didn't allow him to do it so he took a part time as a delivery guy.

The genius rapper Min Yoongi (Suga) of BTS

Suga wrote a mixtape called "The Last" to talk about his childhood difficulties as well as honestly admit that his feelings are still lingering even after he became an idol.

He received a question in an interview saying, "Since 2013 when you debuted, you shared the dream that you had when you were just a boy and the reality that you were facing. In your song "The Last", you talked about the dream of becoming an idol and how your reality felt like. You also talked about depression, compulsive disorder, etc. and let out your feelings. Looking back at your trainee days, how can you overcome your anxiety, and how far have you achieved in your dream?”

He experienced a lot of difficulties, disease before debut with BTS

Suga: "I think that anxiety and loneliness are with you all your life, and I think what we need to do the most is to find a method to unravel them and give a big meaning into it"

Regarding the lyrics of "The last" he said: "Every situation, every moment will bring different emotions, I think that living is thinking/worrying about every little moment. That's why I'm trying to convey to people that "I also have a lot of anxiety just as much as you do, so let's all find a way to study it together"

The song "The Last" represents the little dark side of Suga

Suga: "There’s not any moment when I stop dreaming, all my dreams have been fulfilled. When I was a trainee, I wanted to debut as a singer and make music, I achieved it. After debuting, I wanted to be # 1, wanted to get the daesang, wanted to go to the US and to Japan. Actually I've never dreamed of going all the way to Billboard's AMA but this too, I've achieved it”.

Suga’s always hard-working and he never stop his passion

He continues: “Right now, I feel like I don’t have a distinct dream to run after like I used to have in the past. As a human, self-worth and happiness are both important (to be able to achieve what you want), but they’re far from me. As a singer, I was able to accomplish a lot of things, last year was my turning point year. I'm only 26 but it’s been 10 years since I’ve been doing music, however I want to keep doing this for a long time”.

We hope that Suga will always be happy with his choice. Wish Suga a happy birthday!

Source: Feng Feng/ Pann-choa

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