The moments of idols and their coordi noonas might make fans jealous

The Hien Luong, 02-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - There would be a lot of girls who want to be their idols' coordi. Don't feel upset when you see these photos!

Although being idol's stylist is a strenuous job as it requires you to follow your idols in every schedule, there are a lot of fans eager to do this job. These stylists in the below pictures must be very lucky, even fans can't be such close to their idols.

The stylists always take responsibilities for the idols' looks. They have to prepare make-up and clothes on their own

Even though stylist is a difficult job, many people want to have this job willingly. 

The EXO's boys always want to make their stylists comfortable and happy during preparattion.

They also take care of idols after the stage performances, especially the concerts and wipe the sweat like this.

These coordi noonas must have made lots of fans jealous but they don't hate these girls 

Sometimes they become pillows in idols'  tired moments

The boys tease their stylists comfortably

Preparing quickly for the idols to keep up with their next performents

Those who are behind the scenes, although being very tired but this is what fans also want to try once in a lifetime.

There is only a idol's stylist who can be such close to him like this

Jungkook is always praised as a friendly guy by the staff because he tries to make everyone comfortable and happy

Only the coordi noonas can be this close to our idols

The idols and their stylists always have many photos taken together. The idols are grateful for their efforts.

Sometimes the stylist can be the person for our idols to lean on

The boys sometimes treat them as their girlfriends.

If you have a chance to live in Korea, will you want to become a stylist? I bet you would love to.

(Source: Hanh Nguyen/ Compilation)


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