The kind sister of Shin Ae in "High Kick" not only has hot scenes in her CFs and dramas but also such a horrifying movie like this!

The Hien Luong, 17-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Actually, with her eyes open widely like this, she looks even scarier than the movie.

The frightening scene of Shin Se Kyung in Cinderella

The horrifying plastic surgery industry of Korea has been exploited on the big screen for more than 10 years. And Cinderella is a leading film in this issue. The film has frightened the viewers out of their wits because of the consequences of plastic surgery as well as the girls who are obsessed with plastic surgery. Hyun Soo's mother (Shin Se Kyung) is a divorced plastic surgeon and is satisfied with her life as she has a lovely daughter, Hyun Soo, who perfectly obeys her mother. However, her happiness comes to end as her patients, also friends of Hyun Soo, commit mysterious suicides in front of her daughter. Hyun Soo, feeling suspicious of her mother, tries to find clues in the hidden basement of their house.

But the price for beauty is the ultimate obsession, even death. Each time they look at the mirror, the girls see their faces crumbling and they frequently see ghosts. The mysterious voice: "I'll make you beautiful" making Hyun Soo's friend go mad and end up killing herself.

Something bad is going to happen


What a horrifying stare!!

Actually, with this long hair, she looks even scarier than the ghost

The ghost keeps haunting her

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