The importance of such Brain representatives in Kpop: Without them, there won't be so many great groups as current!

Mai Nhung, 14-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - A lot of fans commented that they have the smartest minds in idol groups.

When talking about the representative of a Kpop idol group, people often refers to the vocal, main dance or visual ... because they are the most highlighted and most noticeable positions on stage . But the reality prove that in order to complete the image of a group in fans' eyes, obviously we need someone who can talk smoothly and transfer the group's thoughts carefully in public. And if there is an official "smart brain" position then surely, these following idols will be the ones who take it.

Suho (EXO) 

If you are thinking of EXO's "brain", of course that person is Suho. Since he was a trainee, this guy has received a lot of praises for always achieving high scores at school. Moreover, Suho seems to enjoy the puzzle game related to general knowledge. Not only studying well, Suho's language ability is also excellent.

Sunggyu (INFINITE)

When he was still in school, Sunggyu was in second place at his secondary school and 10th position at high school. And at that time, he had been in a band. Although he has never bragged about his intelligence in reality shows, every time he speaks, everyone is also impressed with his talents.

Park Kyung (Block B)

Park Kyung appeared in "Problematic Men" and his way of solving the puzzles always makes the audience quite surprised by its uniqueness. It is possible that the Block B member has many other surprising things that few people know.

Key (SHINee)

To be honest, in SHINee, Onew was second place in whole school when he was a student. But Key is quite impressive by the ability to learn well a variety of languages. He is very curious and likes to learn about many different aspects in life, so perhaps no one can fit this position than Key.

Hyuk (VIXX)

Normally, N is considered as the smartest member in VIXX, but Hyuk is also very good at learning. He said that  he want his parents to let him pursue the path of becoming an idol, he promised to study hard and entered top 10 at school. As a result, Hyuk went straight to the first place, anyone used to study hard at school also understand that: improving the score isn't easy.

Bang Yongguk (B.A.P)

Also falling into the same situation as Hyuk, Yongguk has vigorously promised that he will reach the first place in the whole school and everyone surprised when he could actually do it . Perhaps, this case just happens with smart people. Bangguk's achievement at high school is also really good.


RM is considered as the intellectual representative for Kpop idols. He has a lot of merits when studying at high school, RM appeared in 1.3% of the best students in Korea, his TOEIC's score is quite impressive. The IQ at 148 helps RM learn and speak English fluently even though he has never been abroad.



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