The funny dances of idols that fans probably haven't noticed

The Hien Luong, 15-05-2018
Sometimes, there are still some dance moves that make idols quite cutely silly and hilarious.

Choreography is closely attached with the icon of Kpop and the top idol groups. Amazing dance moves with high difficulty are very familiar. But if you watch them more closely, there are definitely some moments that will make you burst into laughter because of the odd and funny moves.

If you don't believe me, try these videos below!

“Lucky One” – EXO

The "nodding" choreography seems dangerous, but D.O. looks quite odd and funny.

“Again and Again” – 2PM

Their dance move at 1:36 look extremely hilarious when the whole group is performing it!

(Start at 1:36)

“One Way Love” – Hyorin

Although pursuing the sexy image, "One Way Love" choreography is more like doing squat than the bold sexiness!

“B-Day” – iKON

The T-rex dance looks quite silly compared to a powerful song like "B-Day". But it's still lovely!

(Start at 1:04)

Ariyoshi Risa in Produce 101 season 1

If anyone’s watched Produce 101 season 1, they’ll definitely remember Risa Ariyoshi for her shocking audition.

“Cherry Bomb” – NCT 127

Their dance moves of Cherry Bomb at 1:52 making fans speechless!

“Rollin“ – B1A4

The 'sweeping floor' dance of B1A4 making fans so 'embarrassed' and laugh in tear.

(Start at 2:20)

“I'll Be Back” – 2PM

A netizen commented on this move: "Everything was fine until they started the shuffle dance ..."

“Wolf” – EXO

EXO's choreographer seems to like to put the nodding dance in the group's songs.

(Start at 3:28)

“Power” – B.A.P

The 'spraying' dance of the B.A.P is ready to please any dancer who must dance in places with many insects or mosquitoes.

Source: Tinnhac

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