The father unexpectedly gets 'turned on' because the dancing teacher of his daughter is too sexy

The Hien Luong, 06-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Despite standing near his little daughter, this father can't control himself and gets 'turned on'.

Aired on every Saturday night, "SNL" is a comedy show broadcast on tvN in Korea. It is adapted from the long-running American TV show Saturday Night Live on NBC, "SNL" Korea is known for its adult scenes. Not only the way of dressing, talking of the actors participating in the program but the script of "SNL" is also rated '19+' and needs limiting the age of viewers. The video below is a typical example for the comedy of "SNL", with the father (Shin Dong Yup) inviting the teacher (Ray Yang) to teach his daughter dance, but because the teacher's costume is too hot that causes the awkward situation in front of the daughter (Park Na Rae):

The father invites the teacher to teach his daughter dance

The teacher invites the daughter to drink water...

...but unfortunately she drops the water bottle to the floor...

...making the father can't control himself and get 'turned on'

The awkward moment between the father and the teacher

Source: Feng Feng/ Compilation


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