The differences of idols' signatures when they are sober and after they are drunk

Mai Nhung, 11-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - This is an interesting thing you will get if you ask for an idol's signature when they get drunk!

K-pop idols often don’t dare to openly drinking in public places to preserve their image in the eyes of fans, but sometime, they also need to participate at parties in order to be happy with their friends, colleagues. Some lucky fans have met these 4 Korean idols when they are intoxicated, and this is the result you can receive when asking for their signature in that case:

Sunggyu (Infinite)

Sunggyu often appears as a big brother , a leader who is bullied by Infinite maknae. However, everyone understand sthat: Sunggyu is a extremely model and reliable guy.

Infinite’s eternal leader - Sunggyu

Sunggyu's signature is not considered too beautiful, but it’s also brief, neat and bring the characteristic styles of a veteran idol. There must be many fans who have to wait for a long time to get his signature

The brief and neat signature of Sunggyu that fans would like to have

So when he was a bit buzzed, Sunggyu's signature is going to become bigger, and the words line up and down make you dizzy.

Sunggyu's signature after drinking

A Pink
A Pink is one of the few idol groups follow innocent girl style since debut to now. Perhaps, thanks to this music concept so the image of A Pink in fans' eyes are also very gentle, lovely.

A Pink's pretty and feminine image even though they have been debuted for many years

If you have a chance to come to A Pink's fansign, you will receive very nice signatures and small drawings like the stars, hearts ... of the members.

A Pink's simple and cute signature 

But what will happen when A Pink is a little tipsy. Here are the series of signatures that they leave after the party with the staff in their company. Just look through, you can also understand the girls were not awake to carefully write the lovely signatures as usual .

The column on the left is the common signature of these female idols, while the column on the right is the interesting signature after drinking. Can't recognize that is the heart or cute face of a bear !


BTS is a quiet group about personal life and is praised for their clean personality in past. These guys rarely participate in TV shows and often hold their own show.

Big Hit Ent.'s heart BTS - the global boygroup 

BTS's signature must be wonderful thing that millions of ARMY in the world want to have. The boys also invested in their signature, making them becomw more eye-catching and extremely memorable, unique

Neat and impressive signature collection of BTS

And you will have to laugh when you see the humorous signatures after drinking of BTS boys . At the beginning of 2017, the group went to the festival together at Asilah Rabat Room Wine Bar and left their signature before leaving. Then, official page on Instagram of this bar has posted the signature photos of seven guys to show off fans.

BTS' guys' signature under the influence of alcohol


B1A4 is a popular group by friendly and close image to fans. These guys also steal many Netizens' heart for their strength as well as their cute, cute personality.

Five talented and lovely members of B1A4

When they are awake, their signature is quite clear, with their own name and the isons, drawings are extremely eye-catching and neat.

B1A4's signature familiar to fans

But when they entered the drinking, these lovely characters suddenly become unclear and extremely humorous lines.

B1A4 's signature after getting drunk

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