The awkward and funny interactions between idols and idols

Mai Nhung, 31-12-2017
The time where Na Yeon (TWICE) accidentally blows a kiss to D.O. (EXO), when Suga gets a little overexcited … are idol’s embarrassed and adorable moments that you need to see..!!


Jung Yeon (TWICE) shyly bowed when N (VIXX) turned back and said hi to her

CL must think Sulli is really beautiful when she peaks at her like that

Tiffany (SNSD) waved to fans but Seung Ri (Big Bang) was mistaken and excitedly waved his hand.

Mistakes keep being made, Tiffany bows down to greet JYP president Park Jin Young but Jun Hoe (iKON) thought she was waving at him and hurriedly raised his hand, but then he discovered that it's not him.

Jun Hoe "embarrassedly" told his teammate "I hope… she smile with me"

Na Yeon (TWICE)‘s trying to blow a kiss to fans, but then D.O. appeared right in front of her

She had to step back for D.O. to walk through

Sehun(EXO)’s  adorable mistake is one of the most interesting moments in ISAC 2016. He chills and chats with Jonny ( NCT 127)

… after that, he left for a moment.

EXO’s maknae comeback and continue talking to “ Johnny”

Se Hun's reaction is so funny when he released that he has mistaken between Jeong Han (SEVENTEEN) and his company partner.

Both of Jisoo and Suga were startled when the BTS member accidentally hit the female partner's hip.

Sunny mischeviously played with G-Dragon's coat until Seohyun pulled her back so she could stop her action.

In the excited moment, Doo Joon (Highlight) has pulled Suho’s arm

Yeri (Red Velvet) got some paper firework on her head, she turned around to find the "culprit" throwing it over her. Yeri, Mark and Hae Chan (NCT) stood behind her looking innocentas being misunderstood


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