The 10 OST of best K-pop: “Descendants of the Sun” is overthrown by force but the “ Goblin” lead in the rankings.

Hồng Nhung, 08-12-2017
The 10 hotest OSTs in Kpop history are appeared on three films, but you will get shock because of top 5 without "OST of the year 2017", so let's check it out:

Not only make the excellent achievement in the digital music front, at the top in the music charts in Korea for weeks in a row, but also MV of Original Soundtrack of “Goblin” and “Descendants of the Sun” in Youtube have the number of views are extremely impressive. Even more, the views for these OST’s MV is the higher than official MV of many idol groups that being artistic activity in the music industry.

Unexpectedly, among the OST in the top 10 hottest MV OST in the history K- pop have 6 out of 10 songs are the music of the "Descendant of the sun" and “ Goblin” ranked the second with 3 songs on the list.

The figures in the article are calculated as of 5/12/2017.

10. Once Again – Mad Clown, Kim Na Young (28,8 million views)

The obstacle love story between the First Lieutenant Yoon Myung Joo and sergeant Seo Dea Young is the one of hight lights give the great success for the “Descendants of the Sun”. The attractive of “ National Second Couple”, OST "Once Again" of Mad Clown and Kim Na Young easily reached nearly 30 million views after only about 9 months of release.

9. I Will Go To You Like The First Snow – Ailee (32,4 million view)

It is certain that nobody can deny the attraction of OST is shown by Ailee. "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow" not only the lead of music charts in Korea, but also to be glorified as the best soundtrack at both the awards ceremony held MAMA and MMA in the past time. The beautiful voice of Ailee can be make "I Will Go To You Like The First Snow" achieved the 32,4 million view even haven't the official MV at Youtube.

8. For You – Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (35,1 million view)

“For You” is the only representative not owned by "Goblin" or "Descendants of the Sun" appear on the list. In 2017, the members of EXO band spend many times to activate in the soundtrack fields and give the fans some of extremely quality OST. And the OST of the “ Moon lover” is one of them.

7. You Are My Everything – Gummy (42,3 triệu view)

The romantic love of the Song-Song couple make the big shock to whole of Asia and OST “You Are My Everything” is also excellent that. If you remember the sweet scenes of "The Descendants of the Sun" of the Song- Song couple but you don’t want to watch the all of that movie, you can see the MV "You Are My Everything" of Yoon Mi Rea. It’s the shorter version you are looking for.

6. Always – Yoon Mi Rae (44,9 million view)

Any movie director in the Korea also wants to cooperate with Yoon Mi Rae. Kpop’s fan realize: "All of the movie that Yoon Mi Rae sing the soundtrack will immediately became a hit". “The Master"s Sun", “ School 2015” , "The Descendants of the Sun" and “ The legend of the sea” , there are no exceptions.

5. Talk Love – K.Will (45,3 billion view)

“Talk Love” is one of the brightest and sweetest OSTs in the "The Descendants of the Sun", it also is the most successful soundtrack of “King ballad”- K will. This is the 4th representative of the "Descendants of the Sun" to participate in this list.

4. This Love – Davichi (48 million view)

“The Descendants of the Sun" is not only have many famous actors ( Song Joong Ki, Song Hye Kyo, Kim Ji Won, Onew- Shinee,..) but also the OST singers are famous in the music industry. From Gummy, Yoon Mi Rae, K.Will to Davichi, all of them can be ensure the success of their movie soundtrack that that no one can argue. When “This love” was released, Davichi found the most legendary song of their career.

3. Beautiful – Crush (55,1 million view)

When the representatives of the "Sun Descendants" took turns from 7th to 4th in the list, there was one of soundtrack of “Goblin” silently appeared and that song is “Beautiful ”- The OST is the most popular to cover by idol in 2017. The legendary scene of "Goblin," such as: Kim Shin hold the umbrella and passing by Ji Eun Tak at the beginning of the film, the first romantic dating in Quebec, Canada; are replayed in nearly 4 minutes of MV. That's the reason why the MV "Beautiful" of Crush is so attractive with the 55,1 million view

 2. Everytime – Chen, Punch (60 triệu view)

Up to the present time, it can be said that "Everytime" is the most successful OST of the "Descendant of the Sun" . The both of OST place 1st and 2nd have in a interesting common, that’s the appear of Punch - "OST singer " and one member of EXO (Chen- Chanyeol). Views of up to 60 million are the number that any idol group wants to achieve for their music video. And "Everytime" reached it when it was released less than a year old.

1. Stay With Me – Chanyeol, Punch (104,4 million view)

In the past time of Korean entertainment industry, there has never been an OST MV of 100 million view on Youtube and "Stay With Me" - the national OST in 2017 was the first to do this. Morever, the number of “like-thumbs” have risen to 860,000, higher than the everage number of view and like in the MV of the major of idolgroup.

So, although “The Descendants of the Sun" overwhelmed completely in number of MV in this list, but the best OST in Youtube has officially returned to the “ Goblin”. Perhaps, it will be a long time in the future, the other OST can break this record.


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