Talented Kpop female idols who are underrated and hidden by their management companies

Thanhng, 14-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - These idols seem to have no chance to show off all their singing talents.

When working in a group with a lot of member, a idol moght have more or less singing parts than the other members. Somehow, these following idols, despite their great voices, still don't have much singing times. 

Mijoo (Lovelyz)

Talking about Lovelyz, Kpop fans often think of vocalists like Jin or Kei but forget Mijoo - who has a  light and sweet voice. Although Mijoo takes the position as main dancer of the group, but the management company should give Mijoo more singing lines, helping her show off wonderful voice.

Though Mijoo has less lines in the group's songs but most of them are difficult parts, requiring a skilled voice. 

Binnie (Oh My Girl)

Many fans said that Binnie can sing live well but she doesn't have many singing lines in Oh My Girl's songs. And she was the only member who didn't have solo stage in the group, making many fans feel upset. 

 Binne has a stable and strong vocal. 

Enchae (DIA)

Eunchae is considered as one of the most talented members in DIA. She can hit high notes in most of DIA's songs. The management company should give her a chance to shine bright with a solo product in the near future. 

Fans amazed when Eunchae can show off her beautiful on a solo stage

Jungyeon (TWICE)

Everyone have to admit that Jungyeon has a powerful voice, and easy to get into the listeners' hearts. However, it seems that because TWICE has so many members, her singing parts can't make fans feel satisfied. Hopefully, JYP will have a project to explore Jungyeon's hidden talents in the future. 



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