Taeyeon’s (SNSD) paradox: stunning in daily outfits BUT cloddish in luxurious outfits for events!

KawaiiB, 16-06-2018
Taeyeon is generally considered to have a high sense of fashion, but occasionally, she wore a few “unpretty” outfits when going to both big and small events.



Taeyeon is famous all over Asia not only for her powerful voice but also her beautiful appearance and relatively stable fashion.

Nghịch lí của Taeyeon: thường ngày mặc đơn giản thì xinh nhưng cứ lồng lộn đi sự kiện lại thành sến - Ảnh 1.

Her personality is reflected in her street/ airport style. Taeyeon often wears simple outfits, but the way she mixes them gives the outfit a sense of high-fashion.

However, sometimes her style looks kind of cloddish, especially when appearing at big events. For example:

In her latest appearance, Taeyeon appeared in a quite controversial set. Overall, this was not a bad set, but the flower jacket was totally the opposite of her makeup style, making Taeyeon a bit “cheesy”. This is probably going to be nicer with a black jacket.

Velvet is a material that is extremely hard to wear. However, Taeyeon mistakenly mixed it with a brown lace skirt, which accidentally revealed black safety shorts. In general, this set can be considered a “disaster”

Wearing oversized outfits is not uncommon for Taeyeon, but the oversized shape of this dress made her look like a badminton ball.

Everything from hair, makeup and dresses were all perfect until Taeyeon chose to mix woolen socks with huge sandals. Even small detail like this can destroy the entire outfit.

In addition to its color, the pink feather part on her shoulders had nothing “in common” with this set. 

This long boot would be much more stunning if it was accompanied by a dress that was less complicated

Taeyeon's mistake this time was her makeup, although her hairstyle was cute, the old brown makeup tone makes her look much older.

A few years ago, the leader of SNSD also made the mistake of choosing accessories, typically, once time she wore a fresh blue outfits matching with a hot pink bag that was completely irrelevant.

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