Surprisingly, after dying hair, SinB is like "twin" with Jessica

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 03-04-2018
Recently, SinB (G-Friend) changed to bright blonde hair, this new hair color made her look exactly like Jessica.

Since debuted, SinB (G-Friend) has always been attached to dark hair. However, when attending the new showcase event in Japan a few days ago, she decided to change to bright blonde color. This color helps to whiten SinB’s skin and small face. In addition, many people are shocked to realize that this new dye makes SinB look exactly like Jessica.

This is the first time SinB has dyed bright hair color like this.

She has the same face with Jessica and this hair color makes SinB look exactly like Jessica.

In addition, smile and similar pose make the two female idols look exactly the same.

In the past, SinB was often referred to as "Jessica's copy" because she possessed the same face as her senior. SinB's personality was also cool. Now, with bright blonde hair, many fans say that it's hard to distinguish between SinB and Jessica. Most of the comments say that this new hair color is very suitable for her.

(Source: Trithuctre)


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