Sunmi proved to be a really special internet queen with her funny tweets, they can make your day brighter!

Hoang Anh Phuong, 11-06-2018
The beautiful Sunmi

Although it's rare to get your favorite idol to join Twitter AND be active on the platform, it's such a great connection to have with your ultimate bias when they join! Lee Sunmi, who made her Twitter account back in April has tweeted the cutest and funniest things. If you don't have a Twitter account, check out what she's been saying here! And don't forget to follow her!

1. CEO Sunmi

Probably just a question on the top of her head, or maybe this has really happened to her! Sunmi does have a very unique style that not everyone can understand! Sunmi, take our advice and be your own CEO!

2. Romance?!

Lol, Sunmi has been a big fan of Ryan Reynolds for a long time, so this tweet was especially funny to Wonderfuls!

3. Hello... Daisy Duck?!

Sunmi rejoined Twitter for a third time, actually... and I guess the new features on this site changed too much for her to handle haha!

4. Happy Miya Day!

Sunmi thanked all of her fans for celebrating her birthday by creating the trending hashtag #HappyMiyaDay! She also called us all her BFF.... so it was a win-win!

5. Zodiac Queen

If there's one thing you need to know about Sunmi, it's that she LOVES horoscopes, zodiac signs, and astrology information! If you ever get the chance to meet Sunmi, definitely bring up this topic!

6. Once A Wonder Girl, Always A Wonder Girl!

Supporting her former fellow Wonder Girls member Park Yeeun for her recent comeback "Deine" was so sweet to see! We are all glad the members will always be friends!

7. Miya Oh Yeah!

Us too, Sunmi! US TOO!

Source: All Kpop

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