Suho (EXO) ends his first musical show in tears after Jonghyun's death

Thanhng, 21-12-2017
 (KPOPLINE) - Suho still could not hold back tears during his musical performance from his close friend’s death.

JongHyun’s death is a big loss for every Korean celebrities who are living and walking on the lonely road of entertainment industry. We cannot even imagine how bad his friends, family and fans are feeling, including Suho (EXO). He had to overcome his deep sadness to complete his musical performance.

On December 20, Suho completed his first musical performance, named “The last kiss” at LG Art Center in Gangnam, Seoul. At the end of the show, he could not hold his tears back. A staff shared that “Suho had a hard time but he still tried to do his best for the show. At the end of the performance, Suho ended up shedding his tears.”  

Suho at Jonghyun's funeral

A fan wrote on Twitter: “He had to do the last performance but he couldn’t. He was crying and the other actors came over and gave him a hug."

Suho and Jonghyun were close friends since they were trainees at SM. It must be hard for Suho to complete his duty as an artist at this time.

Many people said that JongHyun chose December 18 to commit suicide because he wanted to see Suho finish his first musical in happiness. Suho’s musical was presented on December 17.

Jonghyun always cared and worried for people around him. JongHyun's funeral was held on December 21st, with the participation of fans, family and friends. 

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