Stunning moments from favourite idols in ISAC 2018

Thanhng, 13-02-2018
Idol Star Athletics Championships helps Kpop idols show off their talents and also their goddess beauties.

Recently, a series of sexy moments when Kpop idols took part in their archery category at Idol Star Athletics Championships were released, making many fans get jealous of idols' beauties. 

Tzuyu (TWICE)

Attractive and beautiful appearance, Tzuyu shined bright at this show, especially in the archery category. 

 Here are two beautiful moments of Tzuyu at ISAC

Irene (Red Velvet)

Irene totally blew fans' mind up with her goddess attitude, even though she just wore a simple sports outfit. 

Just like she was shooting a CF

Sana (TWICE)

 Sana made fans fall for her dreamy beauty. Her perfect body was shown up thanks to this body suit. 

Eunha (G-Friend)

 Eunha (G-friend) had an opportunity to show off her gorgeous angle with her high nose.

Umji (G-Friend)

Umji successfully came back with a different look after losing some weight. She shocked fans with her new look at ISAC 2018. 

Vernon (Seventeen)

No matter what Vernon does, he still looks great

Baekho (NU'EST)

Baekho looked so manly and attractive while doing his archery competition

Ken (VIXX)

Ken (VIXX) showed off his technique, making many fan girls go crazy

Yuta (NCT)

Some people have to think again about Yuta's appearance after watching his performance at ISAC

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