'Stuffed' with numerous sex and violent scenes, this movie still captures the hearts of many audiences around the world!

NA, 14-05-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Old Boy haunt you from the very first seconds of the movie. Violent scenes that shocked the people show the darkest side of man's heart.

In 2004, director Quentin Tarantino whose role at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival, persuaded other judges to select a Korean film for the first prize. How did a famous director whose Oscar prize get so excited about Oldboy? Perhaps this is a movie featuring the iconic violence in Quentin's filmmaking style, and it's also shocking the viewers with the darkest, most horrific elements of humanity through the revenge. 

Based on the manga of the same name from Japan, Oldboy is a part of Park Chan-wook's famous "The Vegeance Trilogy". Since its inception, the film has garnered a great deal of attention not only in Korea but also in Western countries and has so far been recognized by the international film community as one of the best Asian films of all time. The results are collected from movie critics such as IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and other prestigious newspapers such as Time and CNN.

The film started on a rainy night in 1988, a drunken businessman named Oh Dae-su (Choi Min-sik) returned home to attend his daughter's birthday. When he woke up, he found himself in a cheap hotel room and every exit was locked like a prison. In 2003, Oh woke up on a rooftop and first inhaled the atmosphere of freedom after 15 years. The sadness of his life also starts here when it comes to getting punished, scary to scary.

The audience from the beginning wondered, "Why is Oh Dae-su kidnapped?", "Who is the kidnapper?", "What did Oh Dae-su do to get the punishment? "

Classic scene Oh Dae Su fight with the enemies with a hammer on hand and did not show any fears despite a dagger on his back is one of the most legendary scenes. Although this scene just last in four minutes, the battle was shot one-take horizontally without a NG scene or using graphic technology.

The sexual scenes in the movie are not much but they played the core role in the whole story. Recognizing the manner and purpose of revenge in the film, many people are shocked and haunted by it as darkest corners in the human heart when they take revenge.

Roger Elbert (the late film critic) gave Oldboy the following compliment: "This is a powerful film, not only in content but also in the depth of human heart. Not only bringing violence and sexuality, the film is actually shocking people with its end that is challenging every ethics in Asian culture. The traditional ethical values ​​of the Asians were completely broken, even to the West also shocked by what Oldboy conveyed.

Old Boy's one of the most shosking scenes

Although Quentin praised him, Oldboy ranked second at Cannes 2004 with the Grand Prix from the judges, perhaps due to the sick content. Not everyone can take but people can't deny that Oldboy is a breakthrough of Asian cinema.



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