"Strange" hobbies of BTS's maknae Jeon Jungkookie

LinhLuong, 13-03-2018
It is undeniable that Jungkook is handsome and talented, but he also has weird hobbies!

Jungkook is BTS's maknae, who is beloved by fans due to his handsome appearance and talents. In BTS family, he always gained much love from fans and his groupmates thanks to his youthful energy and lovely personality.

BTS's cute maknae

Let's see what is interesting about Jungkook's hobbies that made fans fall in love with.

1. "King" of Games

It is likely that if Jungkook was not a singer, he would become a gamer. The photos featuring the idol playing games has become familiar with fans. Whether in the dorm or behind the scenes, he is easily spotted using mobile phone or tablet to play games.

Jungkook always has the intense concentration on playing games

The singer shared that playing games help him to relax after busy schedules. The idol is particularly keen on a game named Overwatch, especially he often "transforms" himself into the cowboy character named McCree in this game.

When fans gave cowboy hats and toy guns to Jungkook, he immediately transformed into his favorite McCree character.

Fighting for toys with his brother is normal

2. A greedy little boy

Apart from games, Jungkuk also is also fond of food. He eats everything at anywhere. The list of "strange" dishes that Jungkook has tried will make everyone startled, including flashlights, wings, mic and his bandmates' shoulders!

''Calm down, no one will take this tteok from you!''

In fact, pizza and other dishes made from flour, soup, sashimi, seafood are Jungkook's favorite food ...He also expressed his expectation to become the owner of a duck restaurant where he can enjoy food without paying.

Graduation day is very important because that is the time he can eat a lot of dishes!

Jungkook even ate while giving fans autographs

3. He is fond of sleeping

 Together with games and food, sleeping is Jungkook's another hobby.

Jungkook can sleep in any position.

Regardless of the sound of the alarm, the singing, the loud boos of his brothers, he is still able to sleep: sleeping on the ground, sleeping in bed, gets up and still can ... sleep. 

He can sleep despite the surrounding noise!

And the message "don't sleep while your friends are awake" is what A.R.M.Y want to send to BTS's maknae!

In BTS, Jungkook is really a "lovely child" who brings joy to the whole BTS family. Besides, needless to say, he always gained much love from fans all over the world. Perhaps, no one will be angry with Jungkook. If he is angry, just need to let him play, eat and sleep, the world will be once again as lovely as normal!



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