Similarities between these two maknaes that make them stand out from the rest

Thanhng, 19-01-2018
 (KPOPLINE) – As a Kpop fan, you all know BTS and EXO groups. However, can you realize the similarities between the two groups’ maknaes? Let’s figure out with Kpopline!

1. Stunning Visuals

As visuals of the two idol groups, Sehun and Jungkook own a hugh amount of fans because of their striking good looks. 
Sehun is 100% Korean but looks like a mixed person due to his unique beauty. Something about him is just really attractive and his fans always call him as “nobleman”.. 

Unlike Sehun, Jungkook has his own charm. Born in 1997, he always 'lures' fan girls by numerous facial expressions. 

He has big eyes, a high nose and angelic smile. 

2. Sexy bodies

Both of the two maknaes have a perfect body that can make their huyngs get jealous of. 
Jungkook’s height is 178cm and he is just slightly shorter than his two fellow members Jin and RM. With perfect measurements, broad shoulders and long legs, he drew a lot of fan girls. 

He often goes to the gym, spending hours working out to get in shape. 

As one of the tallest members in EXO, Sehun is probably around 183cm. 

Sehun has a "slim" body with straight and long legs like a model. If you have an opportunity to come to EXO's concert, you will be able to see his beautiful sexy six-pack.

3. Evil maknae

"Evil maknae" is the word that fans use to describe youngest members who like bullying their brothers in the groups. Speaking of those "evil maknaes”, we have to mention couple Sehun-Jungkook. 

Sehun is known for his "no emotion" face that makes EXO members ashamed whenever they make jokes in front of him. He also rarely play “pranks” like Chen or Baekhyun, just sit silently watching his hyungs. However, fans will know why he is called “evil maknae” if his brothers make a mess with him. 

Maknae Jungkook sometimes use his power on his members. All of BTS members are afraid of their maknae whenever Jungkook shows off his muscles. Fans also gather all of moments when BTS’s evil maknae tease other members. 
4. Loved by all members

Though they are evil maknaes, but their brothers still love them a lot. 
Sometimes, Sehun is like a "good boy" next to his hyungs.

Suho's loving eyes are on his maknae

They always take a good care of their brother

Despite of their different height, Sehun is still a younger brother to D.O.

A sudden kiss for our maknae

All eyes are on our maknae

BTS members never shout at their "golden maknae".

BTS's "Golden maknae"

Jungkook always make his members laugh due to his silly face and reactions.

No matter what, he is still BTS's baby

All of BTS members always take care of their maknae like a real family


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