Shocked with the huge wealth of Chinese - Korean celebrities: Who's richer?

Phuong Hoa Nguyen, 14-03-2018
Chinese - Korean stars, they all are very good at earning money, but if we compare between Chinese - Korean stars, who is the owner of bigger fortune?

For a long time, fans have been very familiar with wealthy and popular charts of Chinese - Korean stars and even statistics of their property. However, do you know which side would own a bigger fortune? Chinese? or Korean?

PSY - Huynh Xiaoming (1977 - 40 years old) 

Owning assets of 60 million USD, PSY still can't beat Huynh Xiaoming when he owns about 292 million USD. Although the amount of assets is quite different, we can't deny that both artists born in 1977 are really good at making money, right?

Huynh Xiaoming owns larger amount of assets.

Fan Bingbing - Bi Rain (1981 - 1982)

Despite only 1 age gap, Fan Bingbing and Bi Rain have a great difference in amount of assets that two people earn. Specifically, now Fan Bingbing owns about 220 million USD, while Bi Rain only owns 20 million USD.

The amount of money that Bi Rain owns is quite smaller than Fan Bingbing's.

Yang Mi - Yunho (1986 - 31)

Born in 1986, Yang Mi and Yunho are the next same-aged stars in comparison of the amount of property they own. And with their great ability to make money, Yang Mi owns about 31 million USD. Yunho is also no inferior because he owns about 21 million USD.

Yang Mi's ability to earn money makes many people admired. Her property is bigger than Yunho's.

Zhao Liying - Siwon - T.O.P (1987 - 30 years old)

The next three names are three artists born in 1987, Siwon, Zhao Liying and T.O.P. It is reported that Siwon is the leader with 35 million USD, Zhao Liying ranks second with 30 million USD and T.O.P owns 12 million USD.

Siwon takes No.1 among three artists born in 1987.

Taeyeon - Angela Baby (1989 - 29 years old)

The two girls born in 1989 are ranked at the last position of the list. But if you compare the amount of assets that two beauties are having, Angela Baby owns much more. The SNSD leader owns 10 million USD and AngelaBaby's assets are up to 31 million USD.

Angela Baby's assets is two times bigger than Taeyeon.

Yoona - Wu Yifan (1990 - 27 years old)

Yoona and Wu Yifan show that they are extremely good at making money when they own huge fortune. However, Wu Yifan's property is larger than Yoona's when he owns 23 million USD, and Yoona owns just 13 million USD.

They are both born in 1990, Wu Yifan's property is bigger.

Yang Yang - Goo Hara (1991 - 27 years old)

The next couple is famous charming prince of Cbiz - Yang Yang and 9x female goddess of Kara - Goo Hara. Compared the amount of assets of two Chinese - Korean stars, Yang Yang's assets is bigger at about 37 million USD while Goo Hara owns only 11 million USD.

Goo Hara's property is a half of Yang Yang's.

After comparing property of many Chinese - Korean stars, it is easy to recognize that Chinese stars make more money. They are the wealthiest people among the showbiz. However, for many people, this comparison is still incomplete because the nominal value of each country is different. And you, what do you think about this comparison and who is really the wealthiest person?


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