Shocked with the flexibility of the K-pop idols, Jin even frightened everyone to death by this creepy talent!

The Hien Luong, 04-06-2018
Only with flexibility, tumbling, splits and acrobatics, K-pop idols have made fans extremely surprised and shocked.

Along with appearance, vocals and choreography, personal talent is always regarded as the first impression of idols on their fans. And now, the 'personal talent' of idols is no longer just ordinary splits, it has been upgraded to more difficult levels.

The possession of a flexible body no longer belongs only to female idols. The male idols are willing to show their flexibility as well.

BTS Jin makes himself so creepy!

The classic splits of Victoria

Cheng Xiao shows her incredible flexibility

Her one of a kind pose

Minhyuk (BtoB) made the audience feel painful when he decided to imitate a scene in a movie.

Minhyuk (BtoB) made the audience feel painful

A potential actress for a horror movie

Look how weird she is!

Dahyun is the most flexible member of TWICE and also the flexible queen of Weekly Idol.

The flexible queen of Weekly Idol.

The morning workout of Winwin (NCT)

Lisa (Black Pink) shows off her flexiblity

He incredibly fits a suitcase!

He gave everyone goosebumps by his cracking bone sounds

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