"Shocked" with all the gifts Master fansites prepared for V's birthday

(KPOPLINE) - There're several weeks ahead till our Gucci Boy's birthday, and his fansites are busy preparing to gather some luxurious gifts for this happy occasion!

December wil end in happiness with the birthday of V (BTS). Although his birthday takes place in the end of the month (30.12), his fansites has begun to hang a lot of posters of V along Seoul busy streets, besides those special and valuable gifts from the fansite masters. If you come to Korea in this December, you will definitely see his face in many places.

V here, V there, V is everywhere

With V's birthday promotion campaign, the master fansite began hiring luminaries at popular venues, hanging V's posters on public places such as subways, bus stations, ... You can see him in everywhere you go around Seoul.

(Billboards at the bus or subway stations, made by fansites: Taeholic_V, Nuna_V, VIA, AWESOME TAE TAE)

(Badu Taehyung Bar / Milky Tae / Focus V: Using trucks to run around the Gocheok Sky Dome and other big event places with the message "... Hopefully many people through this project will understand him better. It's not only just the appearance, but also his stunning dancemoves and soulful voice, and also the most sincere prayer for his special day. Kim Taehyung, 23 years old, Happy birthday!!! ")

(City bus of Nuna_V)

And the... 'unbelievably' expensive presents

(Baidu Taehyung Bar / Milky Taehyung / FocusV: The watch from the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand is priced at over 50.000$)

(Leica M10 silver camera is costed  from 14.000 - 21.000$)

(Fansite Whitetiger_V: - Gucci Rings - Le Marché des Merveilles ring - 18K Gold (5000$)

- Gucci Jacket - Wool pea coat with Web (2500$)

- Gucci Watches - G Timeless Moonphase watch (~1400$)

- Gucci shoes - Queercore brogue boot (1567$)

- Gucci Balo - Angry Cat print GG Supreme backpack (1752$)

- Gucci earrings - Boules d'oreille "L'aveugle par amour" (~2300$)

(Fansite MorethanIthought_V: Bulgarian necklace BVLGARI-BVLGARI Roman Sorbet Necklace White Gold and Diamond (3500$)

(Reversible Tartan Wool and Cotton Gabardine Car Coat of Burberry brand (~2100$)


(Modern Cut Check Tie Silk Tie of Burberry (189$)

(Fansite Dami_95V: VERSACE printed lace-up sneakers (497$)

(Shirt design)

(Fansite MoreThanIKnew_V: LOUIS VUITTON pajamas (1840$) pants (1351$)

(GUCCI Leather lace-up with embroidery (1298$)

There are numorous other secret gifts that the fansites are preparing to give V on his 23rd birthday. These are just a few among thousand different goods. Follow KPOPLINE to count down to V's birthday!

Source: Twinkle/V-BTS Vietnamese Fansite




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