SEVENTEEN's sub-unit BSS bears strong resemblance to EXO-CBX?

LinhLuong, 15-03-2018
There are some similar points between these two sub-units.

As reported, Pledis Entertainment has announced a special small group of SEVENTEEN, including three members Seungkwan, DK, and Hoshi. This small group will be called BSS, which is the abbreviation of "BooSeokSoon", a name that combines the first letter of the three boys' real names.

On the morning of March 14th, Pledis released the concept album for its new sub-group's debut single. Earlier on, the title track of BSS's upcoming record, "Just Do It" / "Without Hesitation", was released on the afternoon of March 21st.

However, according to some netizens, BSS somehow bears striking resemblance to its senior group EXO-CBX.

First of all, both BSS and EXO-CBX have three members, all come from the top boy groups EXO and SEVENTEEN respectively.

Secondly, among 3 members, two of them are the main vocalists and the other is the main dancer in the group. As for BSS, Seungkwan and DK are the main vocalists while Chen and Baekhyun have a similar role in EXO. Besides, if Hoshi is well- known for his great dancing ability in SEVENTEEN, Xiumin is also EXO's best dancing member.

Third, the name of the two units is taken from the abbreviation of the members' names. BSS is the abbreviation of BooSeokSoon, including Boo Seungkwan, Lee Seokmin, and Kwon Soonyoung. While ChenBaekXiu, including Chen, Baekhyun, and Xiumin are abbreviated as CBX.

Fourth, BSS and EXO-CBX's concept debut was coincidental when all members dressed suits.

What do you think about the particularly interesting similarities between these two small groups?


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