Series of killing parts from Kpop idols that will mesmerize you at first sight

Thanhng, 13-03-2018
If you are a true Kpop fan, these killing parts below must be extremely familiar to you.

1. Yoojung

Before becoming an idol like today, Yoojung used to experience tough training during the time she was a trainee of Mnet's reality show Produce 101, therefore it is easy to understand that this female singer often had a lot of impressive moments, capturing all attention from fans. 

During "Bang Bang" stage, her perfect dance moves and facial expression left deep impression on many fans' hearts

2. Jihoon

On the survival show Produce 101, Jihoon successfully impressed fans with his heart-melting wink in one-shot at the end of the performance. 

The moment that "Wink Boy" Jihoon stole a lot of fan girls' hearts

3. Sana

Sana is admitted as one of the hottest Kpop idols with her "shy-shy" part. The singer's cute act in a performance became a hot trend among Kpop idols and fans in many countries. 

She melts many people's hearts with this cute expression

4. Kai & Sehun

Since debut, EXO got a series of unforgettable killing parts. In July, 2017, the group made fans crazy when Kai and Sehun flaunt their sexy charm during "Ko Ko Bop" performance.

With Perfect dance and outfit, Kai made many fans fall for him

Sehun once again won fans' hearts through this dance break  

5. Dahyun

With "Likey" song, Dahyun amazed fans with her cool rap parts along with famous dab move. 

One of the most famous parts in  "Likey"

It was funny when all of the male idols at the Melon Awards 2017 did dab move at the same time during Dahyun' rap part in Likey

6. Suga

Suga is the one who has the most killing parts among BTS members. His wonderful appearance and rapping skills always play a key role in BTS's renditions.

Suga's impressive opening part in "Fire" MV. Can you guess what did he say?

And his spectacular mic drop parts. 

7. Jimin

And what about Jimin's killing part? It must be his sexy dance break in MV "Blood, Sweat & Tears". 

Fans can't stand his sexiness


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