Second Black Panther statue in Korea destroyed, police investigating

Hoang Anh Phuong, 24-04-2018
Both incidents were allegedly caused by drunk people.

A Black Panther statue that was placed by Gwangalli Beach was found damaged, just months after another statue of the superhero was destroyed in Gwangbok-ro.

Originally, a pair of Black Panther statues were gifted to the city of Busan by the Walt Disney Co. to commemorate the successful filming of Black Panther in Busan. One was placed in Gwangbok-ro, and one at Gwangalli Beach.

The statue placed at Gwangalli Beach was found on its back, with parts of its head broken off. Although there is no CCTV footage of the incident, police are currently investigating a Mrs. A (24) for a 112 call that was left the next day.

“I was drunk, and I was with a friend when I fell down while taking a picture next to the statue. I didn’t know that the Black Panther statue was damaged.” — Mrs. A’s 112 call

Police representatives believe that the crime was not intentional, but rather, a drunken mistake.

“It seems that in a drunken state, the statue was damaged accidentally, not intentionally.” — Police representative

Meanwhile, a Mr. B (32) was recently arrested for damaging the Black Panther statue placed in Gwangbok-ro. The man was also believed to have been intoxicated when he broke the statue.

Source: Koreaboo


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