'Sasaeng' fans and 9 ways of crazy approaches that make idols scared the most!

The Hien Luong, 13-03-2018
Sasaeng has been considered a K-pop problem for a long time and is a terrible obsession of the idols.

If you are a big fan of K-pop or K-drama, you will know the concept of Sasaengs. A sasaeng is an over-obsessive, over-jealous 'super fan' of Korean culture and Korean pop. Usually these sasaengs are obsessed over a Korean pop idol, or other public figures and are willing to do so many crazy things, such as stalking, and invading privacy to get close to or get noticed by that celeb. From hiding in corners to following idols around, these sasaengs have no shame and are capable of doing anything. Here are 9 scariest things sasaengs have done:

1. Install hidden CCTV

They install cameras or recorders hidden in places where idols frequented; like parking lots, hotel rooms, outside the dorm. With sasaeng fans, it wasn't a problem. JYJ's Yoochun or EXO's former member Tao were victims of this method.

2. Chase the cars of idols

The fact that the sasaeng fans cause accidents when hunting idols isn't so strange in Korea. Even so, there is a concept called "sasaeng taxi" which is a group of sasaeng's taxis, used to chase the idols. In fact, these cabs are no different than the private cars of sasaeng fans, they just disguised as taxis for easy operation. Idols like Big Bang's Seungri, Super Junior's Heechul and Leeteuk have been involved in car-related troubles due to these fans.

3. Kidnap

The sasaeng fans also made the idols through the horror of the kidnapping. Young actress Kim Yoo Jung revealed that there was a man who went to school and pretended to be her uncle when she was young. Just like the case of former SNSD member Jessica, a man who stalked and attempted to break into the singer's house. The most frightening thing was that a crazy guy ran on stage with the intention of kidnapping Taeyeon right when SNSD was performing.

4. Hack personal account

In order to understand all the details of idols' life, the sasaeng fans would hack their personal accounts. Super Junior member Siwon or f(x)'s Amber were the victims of this method. Even with Eunhyuk's case, things were getting worse. Some sasaeng fans hacked his Twitter account and posted indecent images of the male artists.

5. Attack idols

If you think that sasaengs will never attack the idols they love, then you're wrong. Typically, a fan girl slaped Yoochun's face (JYP) so that he could remember her face among countless other fans. Or, as Jiyeon (T-ara) got her hair caught while preparing to board the car.

Most recently, Apink was threatened by a fan, as he thought the members were secretly dating other guys. Someone called 112 and said, "I'm going to Apink's management company at 9pm on June 14 and kill all the members with a knife". Even in a few recent performances, the group was threatened with a bomb that had a heavy impact on psychology. Although the bad things didn't happen, they still had bad effect on Apink.

6. Disguise

The "method" of disguising requires "sacrifice" and is not simple at all . Believe it or not, some EXO fangirls in China cut their hair like boys so they could sneak into the men's restroom to meet their idols and asked for autographs.

7. Hide & Seek

Along with the hidden CCTV setup, the sasaengs also broke in and even hid in the idol's house. CNBLUE, EXO, JYJ and Super Junior are just several among many stars that have been violated in this way. Fans even stole idol's personal possessions. Big Bang leader G-Dragon frequently encounters sasaeng fans outside his house. After that, he had to post a message for the sasaeng fans on his personal page "Please stop, you're making my mother and sister scared!"

8. Blood letters

If you ever saw the drama "Reply 1997", you must have remembered the details of Sung Si Won (Jung Eun Ji) to slit his hands to get blood to write letter to the idol. In fact, this situation isn't completely fictitious at all. This is what some sasaeng fans did to catch the attention of idols. Before EXO released "Overdose", a fan posted her photo with the sentence: "I Love EXO" on her skin. Just like 2PM member Taecyeon received a "period blood letter" from a fan girl with the content that she couldn't live without him.

9. Unwanted Blood Oaths

In 2009, a sasaeng sent love letters covered in some of her own blood to Big Bang's G-Dragon. She allegedly cut her neck and wrist for G-Dragon's letter.

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