Reasons why Sehun (EXO) deserves with the title of "the national maknae" more than anyone else

Thanhng, 27-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Sehun is truly the cutest maknae of all time.

Since debut, Sehun was just a teenage boy and the youngest brother among EXO members. Now he becomes a sexy man but still be the lovely maknae for EXO hyungs. 

He hilariously talked about D.O.'s bad habits on a reality show

On "Super Idol Chart Show", Sehun revealed bad habits of a EXO member. And the victim was D.O. He has a habit of biting his fingernails that Sehun just wanted to apply medicines onto his nails for D.O. to stop that habit. 

The only idol that is willing to communicate with fans on Vlive for about an hour at midnight

Nowadays, many Kpop idols use Vlive to connect with their fans. When EXO was at Nanjing, Sehun shared his story with fans on Vapp for about an hour.

He often teases his hyungs and fans

During "Peter Pan" performance at concert, in the first 10 seconds, while others stayed still, only Sehun moved around the stage to tease and tickle members. 

He has an impressive Chinese speaking skill

EXO members shared that Sehun always tries to improve his Chinese language skills. When the group received the "Album of the Year" award at MAMA, he especially sent his thanks to Chinese fans. 

He often updated his daily life while going abroad

While Chanyeol's Instagram includes his selfies and musical previews, Sehun posts his daily #OOTD on Instagram. 

Showing off Suho's body

Thanks to maknae, fans from all over the world now know that EXO leader has a perfect six pack. 

"Getting angry" with Xiumin and Chen

Xiumin and Chen appeared on a radio show and were asked to give their ranking about members whom they would like to date if they were girls. And the two chose their maknae as the one whom they's least like to date with. Sehun immediately posted a photo on Instagram with a caption: "Don't think about coming home. I don't like both of you either."

He can do what Chanyeol cannot do

It is taking a selfie with D.O. It is probably maknae's power? Sehun posted a lot of his selfies with D.O. on Instagram while Chanyeol, D.O.'s best friend cannot do it. 

While he lived stream on Vapp with a high neck sweater

There was a time when Sehun made fans surprise with his high neck sweater while talking with fans on Vlive. What was the reason? Simply because he had two little acnes on his chin. 

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