Pursuing the cute image, but after all, Korean girl groups get back to sexy image

LinhLuong, 11-03-2018
This can be seen in the outfit, hair styling and makeup of members such as Girl's Day, Wonder Girls, Sistar, G-Friend and AOA.

1. Girl's Day

In 2010 when the single "Kyawooddung" was released, Girl's Day remained loyal to the flashy style, cute and playful with bright colors, patterns or stickers ...

But when it comes to "Expect" in 2013, Girl's Day not only changes members, but also they change their image. They look more mature with sexy costume and especially short-sleeved skirts to show off their perfect body. Their makeup is also darker, focusing on the eyes.

2. Wonder Girls

Actually, Wonder Girls' image when they released "So Hot" in 2010 is also sexier than girl groups at the same time. However, in the opinion of many people, the set of leopard prints with pink lipstick makeup is still cute.

With "Why So Lonely" in 2016 is different, their image is attracted, more mature and sexy and of course, they look more trendy.

3. Sistar

Like the other girl groups, Sistar debuted with "Push Push" which was also very cute with colourful costumes like this

Two years after returning to "Alone," the girls changed their look. They choose tight skirts, high heels and red lipsticks. They want to prove that they got mature and seductive in the new style

4. G-Friend

G-Friend's debuted "Rough" (2010) was very cute with high school pupils. At that time, they just wore the cardigan, t-shirt uniform with high stockings.

However, when they come back with "Fingertip" in 2017, they look totally different. Not too sexy like many other groups, but at least, G-Friend also chose short skirts, showing off their long legs.

5. AOA

AOA with "Elvis" in 2012 can be said to be fuzzy with pure white dresses, long hair and simple makeup, which didn't gain much attention and support from fans.

"Miniskirt" in 2016, they made many people surprised. At that time, AOA was seductive by the dress which moulded their body, black stockings and red high heels.

LinhLuong/Channel 14


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