Proofs to claim that K-drama directors are really good in choosing their main cast, they look totally alike with the webtoon version!

The Hien Luong, 01-06-2018
The talent of directors is so excellent that they have transformed characters in webtoons into the exactly real version with these amazing actors.

The historical and modern dramas which are adapted from the famous webtoons bring fresh entertainment for the audience. Selected cast is the actors and actresses who look similar to the characters in webtoons the most, and they can show the audience the exact emotion of those characters as perfectly as possible.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds (KBS2 TV)

The Sound of Your Heart (Netflix)

Sweet Stranger and Me (KBS 2TV)

MIsaeng (TvN)

Cheese in the Trap (TvN)

My Id is Gangnam Beauty (JTBC)

Here are the cast of these dramas.

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds

 First of all, Moonlight Drawn by Clouds is a South Korean television series starring Park Bogum and Kim Yoojung. The drama is based on the novel written by Yoon Jisoo

These poster are beautiful and they look exactly the same. The audience can't even see the difference between the cast of the drama and their versions in the novel's artworks.

Park Bogeom (Lee Yeong)

Kim Yoojeong (Hong Raon) 

Cheese in the Trap

The cast of the drama

Park Haejin (Yoo Jeong)

Fans claim the Park Haejin looks exactly like Yoo Jung from webtoon Cheese in the Trap

Kim Goeun (Hongseol)

Perhaps the only difference of Kim Goeun and her webtoon version is the colour of hair

The Sound of Your Heart

The cast and the webtoon's characters look really alike

Lee Kwangsoo (Joseok)  

They really look the same!

Jeong Somin (Aebong)

Just a glimpse to find out a similar feature!


The drama surrounds problems between the boss and his staff at work

Lim Siwan (Jang Geurae)

Fans see no difference between Siwan and his webtoon's character

Kang Sora (Ahn Yeongyi)

The length of the hair is the only difference between Kang Sora and her webtoon version

Sweet Stranger and Me

The cast of the drama, from left to right, Lee Soohyeok, SooAe, Kim Yeongkwang, Jo BoA

The two main characters are Kim Yeonggwang - SooAe (Go Nangil - Hong Nari)

Do you find they look alike?

My Id is Gangnam Beauty

The drama is set to air in July and its casting has ended recently.

Here are the main couple: Cha Eunwoo and Lim Soohyang

Cha Eunwoo (Kim Chanwoo)

What do you think about Cha Eunwoo?

Lim Soohyang (Na Hyeseong)

Lim Soohyang looks radiant and her facial expressions with eye-shaped, mouth and nose also have similarity compared with the webtoon's character.

Source: KClive


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