People said that these male actors can 'blur' the beauty of their female partner on screen, do you believe it?

Nhi Bui, 11-05-2018
Korea not only produces many good movies and dramas every year, but also introduces countless talented and handsome stars. Especially the actors who are so handsome that the audience just watch them and forget female leads.

1. Ji Chang Wook

Having not only the specially attractive roles in the variety of genres from social psychology to action, Ji Chang Wook also owns great appearance which makes people melt. Any moviemakers who want to invite Ji Chang Wook will not have to worry about the popularity of the film thanks to his large number of fans.

2. Song Joong Ki

He has been praised as a handsome guy since he started acting. He has made millions of Asian fans crazy by his look, his smile and his acting projects. After returning from military service, he kept his pure smile but changed his charming image into a real man with perfect body. 

3. Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho is always the hottest among the young stars. His fan base in every country has a tremendous number, which can match the fanbase of K-pop idols. One of Lee Min Ho's most popular attractions is his handsome appearance.

4. Lee Jong Suk

"The guy who comes out from the comic" is the best nickname for the beauty of this man. White skin, red lips, seductive smile and charismatic acting helped Lee Jong Suk quickly become one of the hottest male celebrities. It is said that every drama he starred in made fans crazy.

5. Lee Dong Wook

He has been loved by many fans since the first days of his career thanks to his natural red lips and straight nose. He played the Grim Reaper in “Goblin” and received a lot of praises by the audience.

6. Nam Joo Hyuk

One of the first 9x rookie to name in this handsome list is Nam Joo Hyuk. Starting as a model, Nam Joo Hyuk has excellent expression. He looks very manly when not smiling, but when he does, he’ll become so sweet. Nam Joo Hyuk is increasingly asserted his position in the Korean showbiz.

7. Park Bo Gum

Speaking of Park Bo Gum, the audience will remember the bright smile of this young man. With good looks, bright smile, adorable face and friendly personality, Park Bo Gum is step by step showing that his heat is spreading very strongly.

8. Kim Bum

Kim Bum's beauty is not controversial, so even though his career is not brilliant, he still receives the love of audiences. Kim Bum is also very hard-working to try different types of roles and he has proved to the audience that he is not only handsome but also is a talented actor.

9. Jang Geun Suk

Among the handsome actors, Jang Geun Suk pursued his own image and created the icon "the man who is prettier than women" and also with this image he conquered others both domestic fans and international fans.

10. Yoon Shi Yoon

Yoon Shi Yoon is the actor owning a baby face, but he’ll look manly when being serious. He is one of actors who has adorable face and lovely gestures. After returning from military service, he had his hair cut short and pursued a stronger, manly image.

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