People are crazy finding ways to lose weights, and these idols just want to become chubby!

Mai Nhung, 12-02-2018
(KPOPLINE) – And the problem is, they have never succeeded!

As an idol, the appearance is the first thing they always have to keep in mind and specially caring . Not only owning the pretty face, their physique must also be in balance. Therefore, the idols pay close attention and have strict control over their weight. Many idols are easy to gain weight, but among them there are special individuals that the company does not dare to ban on their diet, because they eat so much but never become chubby. Both company  and fans feel sympathy with them . There are idols that spend many times to find ways in order to gain weight!

Momo (TWICE)

Momo is the only member in TWICE who can eat everything and anytime. JYP also have to claim that Momo eats too much food but in spite of overeating for a long time , she also can’t gain weight, and even if she can, she is quickly losing weights again so JYP accepts Momo to eat everything she wants.

Eating a lot but not gaining weight, this is the dream of many girls, but nobody can understand her feeling of wanting to gain weight.

Compared to maknaeTzuyu, Momo is much smaller

Eat, eat and eat but can't grow up ...

Wonwoo (Seventeen)

Wonwoo is the guy despite of eating everything in this world, he still can't gain weight. Pledis had never banned Wonwoo from eating, they only wanted him to eat a lot more to be fat. He also honestly reported to fans that he can eat up to seven meals on one day and moreover, Wonwoo also suffer from stomachache so it is hard for his body to get nutrition. This made fans even spend more love to Wonwoo.

Seeing Wonwoo's "fragile" body, fans only expected him to eat a lot to gain weight. 

Possessing a height of 1.82m that Wonwoo is too skinny, sometimes he looks a lot smaller in his loose clothes

Wonwoo is a remarkable member who must never be on the list of people who need to lose weight.


Dara's small body has never changed since debut. She has never kept her body shape, but really doesn't become chubby. Dara's skinny body made many fans look sad too.

Even though she is over 30 years old, Dara still looks young as her debut

She used to gain weight but eventually turned the old weight, sometimes she looks thinner than before.

Many fans are worried and wonder how that little girl can tolerate such a dense schedule. The biggest wish of fans is Dara can take care of herself well 

Chen (EXO)

Chen's eating ability is quite good, he can eat very well and eat a lot, but no matter what, Chen still retains his slim body and the company never worries about Chen's diet. This is also an advantage that makes remaining members also jealous.

Compared to the debuting period until now, fans have never seen Chen gain weight 

 Chen seems to eat very deliciously with the chicken dish

Eating constantly but still being so thin, this is also a great luck for Kpop idols!

Yoona (SNSD)

Yoona's beauty as goddess make everyone jealous but Yoona's thin body is the reason making Netizens have to hesitate. Many people think that Yoona's skinny legs look so weak . She also shared on TV show that she usually eats at night but she can't understand why she's not getting fat. Although the long and slim legs is popular but Yoona's thin legs also lose points.

Yoona's long slim legs. Perhaps, image of  Yoona's legs in real life look even more skinny than in photos

 Fans just want Yoona to be a little chubbier!

SM lets Yoona eat a lot but she still isn't fat


Bighit always encourage V to eat  but he has never intended to lose weight. V spent a lot of time to find ways to gain weights. Comparing to the days he first debuted, he has already gained many weights, but  he still looks thin and it seems that food just concentrate into his cheeks.

He always wear baggy clothes to create a feeling of gaining weights a little more

Back to DNA, V makes fans "panic" because of his seriously weight loss and advised him never to lose weight again. But actually V has never thought about this.

 "Everyone, i feel like i 've become really chubby too!" The weight gain is V's biggest trouble

Jin (BTS)

Jin is not too skinny but he can never get fat, since debut until now, Jin's perfect body is always kept. Jin also set up a program called "Eat Jin" to see Jin's eating capacity. Despite his eating a lot but many fans have never seen his appearance getting more chubby.

Jin's appearance and charisma as a gentleman stay the same no matter how much he eats.

But every time he recorded for  "Eat Jin" , Jin also eats really well regardless of his image 

In spite of eating so much, Bighit has never forced him to lose weight because fans and company just hope Jin can stay healthy.


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