Park Shin Hye proves herself to be "Queen of dresses"!

KawaiiB, 08-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - Gentle, discreet but still mesmerizing. That is what everyone can find in Park Shin Hye's fashion style.

Summer is the season of long and romantic dresses. If you want to know what patterns and colors will make you look attractive in this weather when going to the beach or events, please keep reading this article, you might get all your answers below.

Sheer black dress

With a black dress, the combination of lace patterns makes Park Shin Hye look more feminine and not tedious. Moderate length is extremely important because it will help your legs look longer.

Denim dress

Indigo denim dress with printed details makes the wearer look more youthful. For formal occasions, this item can be matched with high heels.

Dark khaki dress

Not a very prominent design but this is an outfit that never goes out of style, especially in the autumn. Green grass color is definitely not a bad choice.

Floral print dress

Park Shin Hye is very fond of flower print dresses like this. At a press conference of "The Garden", she made the atmosphere more romantic when wearing this floral dress with golden heels.

Beige dress

Park Shin Hye's beige dress is quite neat, with knee length which is suitable for office style. This design can work with many different types of coats.

Blue navy and pink dress

Although navy blue and pink look rather drab together, Park Shin Hye took advantage of floral motifs to make the outfit look more fashionable and eye-catching.

Polka dot skirts and long sleeves jacket

Long-sleeved and ankle boots are extremely popular items in the autumn. Park Shin Hye also uses hats and sunglasses to make her simple polka dot dress become more interesting.

Paisley dress

Obviously, in the winter, people usually focus on the patterns of clothing rather than color, so does Park Shin Hye. She has this dress with black and white paisley pattern, which looks super chic.

Metallic dress

Matching metallic dress with a huge belt gives a sense of personality and luxury. In order not to stand out too much, Park Shin Hye tied her hair simply and wore sandals.

Brocade dress 

Recently, at the press conference of "Silence", Park Shin Hye mesmerized everyone with this brocade dress.

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