Only BTS and INFINITE are possible to play 'Whisper Challenge' in a such hilarious way, but they're nothing compared to this 'legendary' senior!

The Hien Luong, 02-06-2018
(KPOPLINE) - The words that are very normal completely distorted by these idols!

Watch this video to see how difficult this challenge is!

"Whisper Challenge" is the hard challenge that makes K-pop idols feel extremely embarrassed when looking back on this challenge. One person put on headphones that played loud music while the other whispered words that were written on a card. The person with the headphones then had to guess what his or her opponent said. Though it may seem easy but this challenge is actually not as simple as you think. No wonder why K-pop idols are so hilarious when they play this game.

Here is a compilation of idols playing this challenge that will definitely make you laugh to tears, so don't eat or drink anything while watching it!

The confusing face of J-Hope

INFINITE's going crazy!

Sechs Kies feels helpless with this game!

Hani seems very happy when watching her bandmates playing this game!

Source: TF/ KPOP NL


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