One day when we - the Kpop fans - get married, will you 'bring' your idols to your wedding like this?

LinhLuong, 08-03-2018
(KPOPLINE) - No one on Earth would do such a thing, except for us - the ultra Kpop fans.

Idols are like the sky, we can only follow them from afar, unable to touch them, so everyone will have to look for someone who considers themselves the whole sky as well as their final destination. However, even when these Kpop fans are getting married, they still find the ways to show idols their ultimate love.

If they couldn't have their idols as their grooms/ brides, surely things related to idols will be brought to the wedding. Kpop fans' wedding is always special and different.

Hoai Thu is a longtime K-pop fan. If normally on the wedding table, two families will decorate with flowers, sparkling candles, here the bride places so many "dolls". You can see how passionate she is to Kpop idols.

The dolls of the bride and her close friends who come to the wedding.

Not only Dolls, but also lightstick is always inseparable thing of K-pop fans. This is how Kpop fans celebrate their friends on the wedding This great day certainly can't lack of idols' image.

The EXO-L community is goodbye to a fan again, but even though it's a big day, she can't forget to bring her lightstick to her own wedding so that she feels reassured. She even tuned so many EXO's songs during the ceremony.

The wedding photo of the "Leggo" couple who met each other through EXID, and especially their mutual favourite member is Hyeri. Knowing this news, Hyeri also sent congratulations to this couple. Surely this is Leggo's happiest gift!

When the bride and groom are both A.R.M.Ys, the Bombs have replaced their flower bouquet in the wedding photoshoot.

If you love a guy who doesn't like Kpop? Then he must feel so happy and proud to have "won" over your idols and make you his bride!

"I love you, but I can't win over your fangirl life.".

The V.I.Ps go to the wedding must also be V.I.Ps. They still dress up but also can't forget the task of taking picture with lightsticks.

On the wedding day, when the whole world is paying attention to the wedding of Angelababy and Huang Xiaoming, he knows that his wife is a big fan of Big Bang, so he doesn't hesitate to show his talent. Huang Xiaoming also practiced hard to be able to follow the dance of Big Bang. Are there any brides that are as happy as Angelababy?

The bride danced with two Boombayah co-stars. Despite wearing wedding dress, she still plays real hard.

The conference room are also crazy with the "funny" atmosphere of the bride and groom with "Bar Bar Bar" performance.

Always be proud of being a K-pop fans because only Kpop fans own such a special wedding!


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